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Ep. 89 Dr. Izabella Wentz Talks Hashimoto’s Protocol And How To Heal


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Hey, Thyroid Thrivers, Warriors and Survivors!

In Episode 89, we once again talk with special guest, Dr. Izabella Wentz, founder of and the author of the phenomenal New York Times bestseller Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. She returns with a long-awaited, groundbreaking prescription to reverse the symptoms of this serious autoimmune condition, which is becoming one of the country’s fastest growing diseases.

We discuss, in this order:
    • Inspiration for Hashimoto’s Protocol
    • The link between the liver, toxins, supplements and the thyroid
    • Chemical sensitivity
    • How important is liver support when treating Hashimoto’s
    • The difference between “detox” and “liver support”
    • How common is Hashimoto’s?
    • What are the symptoms?
    • Testing and important tests
    • What is the conventional approach vs. functional
    • Root causes
    • How can you accelerate healing and symptom reduction within one to two weeks, even for people who have been suffering for years? How do you do that?
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