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What Does An Adrenal Fatigue Diet Look Like?

Jen Springer, Guest
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An adrenal fatigue diet should be not be a diet, it’s a lifestyle. The fastest way to burning out your adrenal glands is through crappy eating habits! No amount of pills, meditation, affirmation, super juice, voo-doo healer, or essential oils can fix your body if there is junk on your fork and spoon.

Your adrenals go kaput because of blood sugar swings and nutritional deficiencies. Add stress and poor sleep to that situation and you’re on the fast track to BURN OUT.

The adrenals love a few things: protein, fat, vitamins, and sodium.  Did you notice SUGAR and STARCH wasn’t listed there?!?!?!?!

Your body wants a diet that is packed with whole foods that didn’t come out of some convoluted package with an ingredient list you can’t pronounce.

Include some combo of these in EVERY MEAL for an Adrenal Fatigue Diet:


High quality eggs, organic dairy, meat & poultry. Wild game is fantastic. Some people cannot tolerate dairy very well, so know you body. Non-animal products high in protein are: legumes (bean family) quinoa, teff, nuts, seeds, and dark green veggies. Soy products don’t count as a quality protein, for many reasons (which I don’t want to get into here) it is not good for your body.


Coconut oil, butter, ghee, avocado, sesame oil, egg yolks, flax oil, fish / cod liver oil, etc.  It’s very important your fats are organic and processed minimally. Fats hold toxins BIG TIME!  Organic products from this group is critical for keeping you healthy. No hydrogenated or chemicalized fats!


YES, sodium! If you crave salt you need it. But you need good salt and minerals, for a balanced adrenal fatigue diet.  One of my favorite ways to get sodium is via juicing celery, cucumber, and zucchini. Your body absorbs the minerals easily when you juice, and if you’re adrenals are fatigued you will probably notice a lift in energy pretty dang quick. For seasoning foods, have fun with exotic sea or mined salts. I love Redmond Real Salt for my everyday cooking; it’s readily available and budget friendly. There are fancy sea and other exotic salts available from Spice & Tea Exchange. My faves from them are the truffle salt, Himalayan, India black salt, Florida Sunshine, and Parfume Del Sel.

Now lets talk about what your adrenal fatigue diet plate should look like!

Food combining, for an adrenal fatigue diet should be 4 to 6 oz of protein, about 1/2 cup of starch, and unlimited veggies. If you want seconds of starch, you must eat more protein and veggies! By the way, corn and potatoes are NOT veggies.



You need them for your immediate fuel for body &  brain yet you need fiber to balance your blood sugar. No white rice, pasta, breads, or refined anything. Fiber paces the time it takes for you to digest your food and is imperative for balancing your blood sugar and keeping you from feeling hungry all the time. You might even think about adding more fiber through chia or flax seeds, psyllium husks, etc.  Drink lots of water!

Remember, here’s your sum up (Adrenal Fatigue Diet):

  1. Every meal and snack needs a fat and protein.
  2. Follow the proportions 4 to 6 oz of protein, about 1/2 cup of starch, and unlimited veggies.
  3. Eat fresh foods that you can pronounce the ingredients.
  4. Shop the periphery of the store.
  5. Get good salt from freshly juiced veggies and mineral salts.

These guidelines should be enough to get your started on your adrenal fatigue diet. Well, it’s really not a diet. It’s your the way you should eat every day of your life!

When you eat in balance, you will feel balanced and your body can heal.

About the Author

JenSpringerJen Springer says…I am not a doctor, but a former unhealthy broke sick and tired person like 98% of you reading this. My journey has lead me to try just about every food, supplement, essential oil, and holistic therapy known. Some worked, some yielded ZILCHO results! In 2001 my veterinarian John Hanover invited me to a gathering because he was interested in partnering with me in business. The business I had prayed for was launched and soon I was working full-time for myself sharing the power of natural remedies from plants and healthy lifestyle choices. Within 3 years this business yielded $1 million in annual sales. The days of working for “the man” were O-VA! (Boy, I flipped hated working in the confines of Corporate America.) Since that fateful day in May 2001, I have been helping people living better lives. My mission is to share with you the things that have helped me, in hopes they lead you to the short road to living an awesomely healthy, vibrant, & abundant life. This entire article can be found on her website: JenSpringer.comBe sure to also follow her on Facebook.

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  2. What could be happening to me when I went on this kind of diet, I suddenly feel very tired and my pulse has increased. I am a little lightheaded. I have had a medical checkup and no problems with the heart, just thyroid, hashimotos. thanks!

  3. what could be happening to me after starting this diet, that I feel weaker, faster pulse, a big lightheaded? Only illness is hashimotos thyroid disease. Thanks! any insight or ideas to look at?

  4. Here’s what Dr. Wilson has to say:

    “Water poses a specific problem for people with adrenal fatigue because they tend toward dehydration but can easily over dilute the circulating electrolytes (sodium, potassium and [chloride]) in their blood by drinking too much water.


    Just wanted to make you aware that the article picture is of a famous British cook called Rachel Khoo and she might not like you using her picture if she’s not connected to this diet?

    • Hi Michelle~ We had NO idea. So, we went in and changed the picture already. Thank you for letting us know. I don’t like this new pic nearly as much. Ha! 🙂

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