Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue symptoms and causes. Extreme fatigue, anxiety, insomnia and digestive problems. The link between thyroid hormone production and low adrenal or cortisol production.

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Hidden Causes Of Thyroid Issues – Blood Sugar And Insulin

Dr. Michael Ruscio, Thyroid DoctorThyroid Nation   How do insulin and blood sugar levels affect your thyroid?  Well let’s quickly review insulin and blood sugar regulation.  The reader’s digest version goes like this; eat carbs, then your blood sugar rises,…

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Patient Beware: My Misdiagnosed Life-long Thyroid Journey

Melissa Phipps, Thyroid ThriversThyroid Nation 35 years oldVermont, USAHashimoto’sDiagnosed in 2010 Where to begin… My Hashimoto’s Thyroid story is a reverse one…of sorts. At 9 years old, I moved away from everything I knew, with my parents and brother. Away…

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RAI Killed My Thyroid Gland and I Still Have Thyroid Problems
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RAI Killed My Thyroid Gland and I Still Have Thyroid Problems

Suzanne Root, Thyroid ThriversThyroid Nation 52 years oldCalifornia, USAHypothyroid post RAI,hyperthyroid, Adrenal Fatigue2010 WHO knew I would soon be taking RAI and getting rid of one of my body parts? I began having what I thought were hot flashes, along…

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