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Sick To Death of My Thyroid And Being Sick To Death

 Maggie West-Hadleigh, Thyroid ThriversThyroid Nation   55 years youngNew OrleansGraves & HypothyroidismDiagnosed in 1990   Maggie’s real life story of Hypothyroidism and Graves disease is truly captivating. Watch a snippet here as she meanders her way through the thyroid medical…

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Thyroid Disease, Hair Loss And 20 Things That Help

Philip Kingsley, TrichologistElizabeth Cunnane PhillipsThyroid Nation       Thyroid conditions can be complicated and involved, requiring careful and comprehensive management by health care providers – typically by Endocrinologists. The following information serves as a general overview for the purpose…

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Thyroid Problems – Are We In The Middle Of An Epidemic?

Dr. Russell Schierling, GUESTThyroid Nation   Dr. Schierling explains how and why the thyroid gland is so important and what is slowly destroying it. When one begins to look at the actual statistics on thyroid problems here in America, one…

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Concerns, Diet, Graves', Hashimoto's, Health, HYPOthyroidism, Natural Remedies, Need to Know, Prevention, Thyroid, Treatment, Vitamins/Supplements, Wellness

What Are The T Regulatory Cells Roles In Thyroid Disease?

Dr. Fiona McCulloch ND, White Lotus ClinicThyroid Nation     Dr. McCulloch discusses T regulatory cells and autoimmune thyroid disease. Our immune systems are complicated things, that is for certain. They contain a variety of different cells that can kill…

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