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Adaptogenic Herbs And Their Interaction With Medications

Raina Kranz, C.P.T, ContributorThyroid Nation     Raina discusses the following adaptogenic herbs, their benefits and herb interactions with medications, for your health and your thyroid:   Asian Ginseng Astragulus Licorice Schisandra Amel Ashwagandha Holy Basil Gotu Kola American Ginseng…

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Hypothyroidism – Helpful Home Remedies For Thyroid Health

Troy Sawyer, Life-Saving-NaturalCures-And-NaturalRemedies.comThyroid Nation Here are the very best home remedies for hypothyroidism (including correct iodine supplementation) that are guaranteed to finally stop and reverse weight gain and energize you like a teenager again! Hypothyroidism is is sometimes easy to cure, or relieve symptoms, using…

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