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Ep. 88 Dr. Jolene Brighten On Birth Control Effects On The Thyroid


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Hey, Thyroid Thrivers, Warriors and Survivors!

In Episode #88, we once again talk with special guest, Dr. Jolene Brighten, best-selling author of Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth and founder of She returns to chat about the effects of birth control on thyroid health.

We discuss (in this order):
  • Problem: birth control prescribed to mask symptoms, instead of addressing underlying issue
  • What are some of the ways the birth control pill can make thyroid disease worse?
  • 4 big categories: Gut, Nutrient Depletion, Hormone Imbalance, Inflammation
  • What can women do now if they are on the pill to support their thyroid?
  • Pill alternatives e.g. IUD, fertility awareness method
  • Depression and the pill
  • Gender bias in medicine
  • Side effects of coming off of the pill, e.g. post-birth control syndrome (mood swings, hot flashes)
  • Importance of the microbiome when trying to get pregnant
  • How high TSH can affect pregnancy


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