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Upcoming GUESTS 2016

(Past Guests listed below)

  • Feb 13 AIR DATE: Dr. Jolene Brighten (Feb 3, 12:00 pm EST)
  • Feb 28 AIR DATE: 
  • Feb 7: Dr. Will Cole (Founder of
  • March ? AIR DATE: Dr. Trevor Cates ( Feb 12th, 11:30 am EST RESCHEDULED)
  • February 21st LIVE: ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW Special Surprise Guests
  • March 2: (Wednesday, 11 am Central TimeNew Day and Time) NO scheduled guest yet
  • March 9: Carrie Vitt (Author and founder of
  • March 16: Amie Valpone (
  • March 23: Jillian Burne (
  • March 30: Dr. Datis Kharrazian
  • April 6: Dr. Justin Marchegiani (
  • April 13: Kirk Gair, DC (2-4) PT (
  • April 20: Jacqueline Rizk (Founder of
  • April 27: Dr. Deanna Minich (
  • May 4: Dr. Joni Labbe (
  • May 11: Dr. Travis Elliott (Founder of
  • May 18 Brent Hardgrave and Mary Shomon (
  • May 25 Dr. John Robinson
  • June 1 Demo DiMartile
  • June 8 no
  • June 15 Mike Mutzel (
  • June 22 Jennifer Fugo (
  • June 29 Dana Trentini & Mary Shomon (Book release)
  • July 6 Andrea Nakayama (
  • July 13* (recording on the 11th... Dr. Michael Ruscio at 1:30 PST)
  • July 20 Mary Vance (
  • July 27* David Jockers (recording Monday, July 25th at 1 pm CT)
  • July 27 Jimmy Moore (
  • Aug 3 Jessica Drummond (
  • Aug 10 Dr. Westin Childs (
  • Aug 17 Vincent Pedre
  • Aug 24 Dr. Trevor Cates
  • Aug 31 Peter Osbourne
  • Sept 7 Dr. Aviva Romm
  • Sept 14 Lauren Chelec Cafritz ( (Breath work)
  • Sept 21 Morley Robbins ( The Magnesium Man)
  • Sept 28 BREAK
  • Oct 5 BREAK
  • Oct 12 Dr. Richard Shames (#77)
  • Oct 19 Dr. Kevin Passero
  • Oct 26 Teresa Tapp
  • Nov 2  (Danna and Tiff impro)
  • Nov 9 
  • Nov 16 
  • Nov 23 Dr. David Brady (recording Tuesday, Nov 22, 12 pm EST)
  • Nov 30 Dr. Carolyn Dean
  • Dec 7 Jenni Prokopy (
  • Dec 14 Michael McEvory
  • Dec 21 (No Show - Holidays)
  • Dec 28 (No Show - Holidays)
  • Jan 4 
  • Jan 11 Linda Elsegood (LDN research) she is 5 hours ahead of EST
  • Jan 18 Dr. Kelly Brogan (recording at 2 pm EST)
  • Jan 25 Viana Muller (Whole World Botanicals and friend of Mary)
  • Feb 1 Dr. Jolene Brighten
  • Feb 8 Dr. Izabella Wentz
  • Feb 15 Dr. Kent Holtorf
  • Feb 22 (2 year anniversary show Dr. Aviva Romm and Special Guests)
  • March 1 Dr. David Borenstein
  • March 8 (Dr. Amy Myers, RECORD ON TUESDAY?)
  • March 15 Alanna Kaivalya (Yoga and book)
  • March 22 Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski
  • March 29 Dr. Tunis Hunt
  • April 5 Teri Cochrane
  • April 12
  • April 19 Beverly Meyers 
  • April 26 Mary Shomon
  • May 3 Elle Russ
  • May 10 Janet Lewis Team
  • May 17 Kellann Petrucci (rescheduled)
  • May 24 Dr. William Davis - Wheat Belly
  • May 31 (no one)
  • June 7 Trudy Scott
  • June 14 Leanne Ely (
  • June 21 Dr. Tondora (Danna doc)
  • June 28 Dr. Kiran Krishnan (Microbiologist) MegaSporeBiotic
  • July 5 Jessica Espinoza (
  • July 12 Rick Gold (
  • July 19 Dr. Fiona McCullough
  • July 26 Dr. Keesha Ewers MOVED to below
  • August 2 Dr. Lara Briden 
  • August 9 Dr. Christine Schaffner
  • August 16 The Paleo Mom (Sarah Ballantyne)
  • August 23 Wendy Myers (11 am PT)
  • August 30 Mickey Trescott, need to reschedule Dr. Kellyann, Mickey stays on this date.
  • September 6 RECORDING on 7th-Dr. Kellyann Petrucci at 2 pm CT
  • September 13 Dr. Jamie Johnson in the UK (
  • September 20 Dr. Amy Myers EARLY 11 am EST
  • September 27 Robyn Openshaw (
  • October 4 (Celia)
  • October 11 Jill Grunewald and Lisa (
  • October 18 Kirk Gair (TIME AT 1 pm EST)
  • October 25 Dr. Anna Cabeca
  • November 1 Dr. John Robinson and wife (new ThyroZone)
  • November 8 Dr. Keesha Ewers (rescheduled cuz she missed the time)
  • November 15 Marc Ryan
  • November 22 Lisa LeVerrier (
  • November 29 Bridgit Danner
  • December 6 Stacey Robbins
  • December 13 Andrea Nakayama (
  • December 20 BREAK
  • December 27 BREAK
  • January 3
  • January 10
  • January 17
  • January 24
  • January 31
  • February 7
  • February 14
  • February 21
  • February 28
  • March 7
  • March 14
  • March 21
  • March 28
  • April 4
  • April 11

had to reschedule: Tom Brimeyer- Hypothyroid Revolution

Michael Ruscio
Dr. Ben Lynch

Dr. Raphael Kellman (

Feb 28 AIR DATE: Anthony William (Medical Medium  Feb 4, 6 pm EST)
Aug 17 Vincent Pedre (Happy Gut - author) (recording AUGUST 16th at 4 pm EST)
Nov 16 Dr. Amy Myers (rescheduled)
 Dr. Michael Breus 



Below is a list of past guests on Thyroid Nation Radio. Michelle Bickford, friend and co-founder of, kicked off the 1st show, February 22, 2015. A wonderful day filled with fond memories!

It's been a fabulous, adventurous ride so far, experiencing many "Flower Field Moments," along the way. Tiffany and I are so grateful to be able to share the wealth of knowledge, ideas, methods and healing protocols that these innovators bring to the world.

You can listen to ALL of the past shows on our Archives Page. Be sure to tune in LIVE, every Sunday at 2 p.m. Central Time.

Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD (, Dr. Hedburg (, Jen Wittman (, Stacey Robbins (, Andrea Beaman (, Robin Arutt (, Dana Trentini (, Dr. Eric Osansky (, Blythe Clifford (, Dr. Murray 'Buz' Susser (, Michelle Corey (, Suzy Cohen (, Mary Shomon (, Helle Sydendal (, Dr. Steven F. Hotze (Founder of, Heather & Damian Dube' (, Donna-Lynn Larson (Walk! Talk! Dance! Sing), Dr. Kent Holtorf (, Connie Curtis (, Jilly Ching & Tracey Keen (, Gina Lopes Langone & Britney Robinson ( &, Dr. Doni Wilson (, Dr. Alan Christianson (, Lorraine Cleaver (, Katie Cleary (, Wendy Myers (, Shemane Nugent (, Dr. John A. Robinson (, Fabienne Heymans & Pearl Thomas-Flanagan (, Maggie Hadleigh-West (, Dr. Hedburg 2nd Appearance* (, Magdalena Wszelaki (, Gena Lee Nolin of (, Raina Kranz-Kaplan/Kimberley Andrews (, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo (, Dr. Tom O'Bryan (, Shannon Garrett, ( Gray (Author of Wow, Your Mom Really Is Crazy: A Complete Guide to Coping with Thyroid Disease: Stress, Weight Loss Tips, and MoreDr. Joshua Redd (Founder of and of 4 Red River Health and Wellness Centers in three states) Danielle and Jennifer (Founders of DamnTheButterfly,    

Thyroid Nation Radio team of friends, advocates, advisors, correspondents and supporters! (RainaMelissa, Blythe and Shannon)

Thyroid-Nation-RadioI am a Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism patient and advocate. I was diagnosed in August of 2012. I am currently only taking Tirosint and have been Gluten Free for at least 12 years. I also follow an Anti-inflammatory and low Histamine diet and it has served me well. I enjoy helping others find health success as a Personal Trainer, A.C.S.M., for 30 years. Additionally, I am the owner and operator of ; Conscious Fitness of Hollywood Florida (Mindful -  Physical - Movement) since 1995. I specialize in creating effective and efficient training programs, personalized to clients individual needs. My love of life and helping others, also led me to start a closed Facebook group, Thyroid Healing Journey . The Mission of this page is to guide, support, educate and to have a little fun. Our vision is to diffuse the fear and anxiety of being diagnosed with Thyroid Disease and to help each other figure out the puzzles that make up the various symptoms of all Thyroid Disease. We absolutely support all forms of Thyroid Replacement Therapy. We are non biased and we do not believe that there is just one way to work through the healing journey. Join us! Read more about Raina as a Thyroid Thrivers. IF you are in Florida, you have to check out the Thyroid Trainer, Raina's newest venture. Thyroid-Nation-RadioAfter a decade misdiagnosed as bipolar, I discovered (18 months after the birth of my first child) that I had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Autoimmune Disease. The once a day "magic pill" prescribed to help my thyroid didn't help my symptoms or my stressed immune system. I knew there had to be more I could do.  This was the beginning of ExposingSilver- my blog, my Facebook support page, and my Twitter account. My goal, with my amazing husband and our strong relationship with the Lord (through his word), is to go back to school to study functional medicine, agriculture and GMO in our food, stress, and the mental health aspects of autoimmune disease. To tie it all together in one comprehensive way to heal ourselves from the inside out." Follow her blog at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to check out Melissa's unbelievable Thyroid Thrivers story.

TNRprofileShannonShannon Garrett is a thyroid & autoimmune women’s wellness specialist, integrative registered nurse, holistic lifestyle & wellness coach, certified nurse-nutritionist and detox specialist.  She is passionate about guiding and supporting women to discovering optimum wellbeing; mind, body, spirit, and emotions.  She offers a unique program and VIP days specific for autoimmune and thyroid issues and she works in tandem with your healthcare practitioner or wellness team. With a background in human development with nutrition and lifestyle as a focus, Shannon has expertise in a variety of dietary theories, behavioral therapy, societal therapy, anxiety, stress, and emotional well-being.  Although she no longer practices nursing in the clinical setting, she has experience in the following specialty areas: cardiac nursing, oncology, neurology, orthopedic, pulmonary, and clinical skin prevalence study teams.  Shannon attended the prestigious Aquinas College School of Nursing in Nashville, Tennessee and completed her degree Magna cum Laude. Check out her website,

Thyroid-Nation-RadioThyroid Mom (, otherwise know as Blythe Clifford, is a Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis patient. Her husband has Graves Disease. After failing radioactive iodine treatment, he had a total thyroidectomy. Both of their sons have congenital hypothyroidism. As a result, each family member takes thyroid hormone replacement medication. Blythe is a mom who deals with thyroid disease daily. Perhaps in some strange way, she's said to be thankful for the disease because her experiences with hypothyroidism make her a better mom to two hypothyroid children. She writes about all things thyroid, with a house full of patients, and raising children with hypothyroidism. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter and Don't forget to read her amazing Thyroid Thrivers story. **Past Thyroid Nation Radio show team members that were an integral part of the beginning of our Radio Show, Sarah Downing- read Sarah's amazing journey in her Thyroid Thrivers story and follow her website, Butterflies and Phoenixes at Marissa Rave- Hashimoto's Happiness Facebook Group. Laura Schueneman and Penny Jenson. Be sure to check out Penny's FB group, Hashimoto's Social Butterflies**  


Please join Danna Bowman of Thyroid Nation and Tiffany Mladinich of Grateful Garden to lightheartedly, yet thoroughly discuss thyroid disease with some of the most advanced, innovative physicians, educators, bloggers, Thyroid Thrivers and advocates available. Our mission is to ensure that no one ever goes undiagnosed and/or undertreated and that all are aware of the intricacies that involve living life to the fullest with thyroid disease.

United and informed, we will change the awareness, perception, diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease. United, we heal.

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