Helpful information and resources for thyroid patients also Creating awareness for Thyroid. Learn about tests, diet, exercise, thyroid essential oils and associated conditions.
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Health and Thyroid Coaching
maryshomon Mary Shomon, (Thyroid Coaching)Don’t forget that if you want phone support, I’m available. We can brainstorm one-on-one, talk about tests, options, doctors, approaches — I can research issues for you, send you materials, etc. If you need that kind of personalized help, let’s set up a phone call — or email Jane at for more information.
jenwittman Jen Wittman, the TLC Radical Solution (Health & Thyroid Coaching)
genaleenolincoaching Gena Lee Nolin, Linda’s Lounge Online Phone Support (Thyroid Coaching)
paleomom The Paleo Mom Consulting (Health Coaching)
thyroiddietcoach Magdalena Wszelaki, Thyroid Diet Coach (Thyroid & Health Coaching)
Health Coaching Robyn Guidon, (Health & Guidance Coaching)
kehaumartinez Kehau Martinez, (Thyroid & Health Coaching)
Find Your Root Cause Before Introducing Thyroid Hormone Tiffany Mladinich, Grateful Garden – Holistic Health Consultants (Thyroid & Health Coaching)