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2 Amazing Thyroid Films in 1 place….

The LITTLE Hashimoto’s Film On A Mission &
Sick To Death

(Watch bothWalk Talk Dance Sing, and Sick To Death! movie trailer…below)

A wonderful Hashimoto’s Thyroid film inspired by real life events and a fabulously creative woman on her healing journey.

Donna-Lynne Larson, Producer: The Hashimoto’s ProjectWalk Talk Dance Sing
NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE: walk talk dance sing -(the little hashimoto’s film on a mission)
Download:  walk talk dance sing THE SOUNDTRACK  
p: 604-771-5683
e: (Thyroid Films)

Thanks for supporting this “little Hashimoto’s film on a mission!”

Sick to Death!


Here’s a graphic we made for my new film, Sick to Death!, which is about thyroid disease and the corrupt medical practices surrounding it. You can support the project on our Kickstarter page:

Official movie trailer

The SICK TO DEATH! Kickstarter Video from Maggie Hadleigh-West on Vimeo.

2 Thyroid Films, one place….