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Holiday gift ideas for that thyroid sufferer in your life.

The holiday season always awakens wonderful memories for me. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. All the warm wishes, family gatherings, cozy fireplaces and wondrous smells instantly transport me to the places I remember most fondly. Not to mention that I love the act of gift-giving… seeing the recipients faces when they open the item that I chose just for them, is priceless. Even receiving phone calls and emails from thankful friends and family members, after they’ve opened that special present or card, is a wonderful experience. Thinking of others, by sending your heartfelt gift, is, in my opinion, one fabulous way to show your support and gratitude.

So, when it comes to shopping for that loved one who suffers from thyroid, hypothyroid, hyperthyroid or autoimmune disease, I have the gift list to end all gift lists. Take a few deep breaths and let this shopping guide for thyroid patients ease your mind while your fingers do some stress-free online holiday buying. It’s the sure-fire way to evoke feelings of wellness and health throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Oh, and if the thyroid sufferer is you, then do your loved ones a favor and share this list with them! (and if you celebrate Christmas, don’t forget to print off a copy for Santa)

Let’s Thyroid gift shop….

25-Gift-Ideas-For-The-Thyroid-Patient-In-Your-Life1). The Siamese Slanket

Perfect for cold days and Hypothyroid sufferers. Turn on a movie, start a fire, get the hot cocoa going and wrap up in this amazing blanket. The Slanket is the original blanket with sleeves and the Siamese Slanket offers room enough for two! This blanket is made of warm fleece materials and allows each party in your couple to insert his or her arms for comfort. FUN!

2). Blendtec

25-Gift-Ideas-For-The-Thyroid-Patient-In-Your-LifeThyroid patients are always implementing new lifestyle and diet plans. Some sufferers need to go all in with the AIP, others are simply gluten, dairy and soy free. Whichever nutrition plan you follow, The Total Blender Classic, is a must have in the kitchen. It is the all-in-one appliance that makes smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milk shakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, bread dough, dressings, salsas and more! It replaces up to 9 other appliances with 1 fast, easy-to-use machine.

3). Hair Mineral Analysis Test

A hair mineral analysis test reveals your mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity. But many people don’t realize that it also provides a blueprint to increase your performance, banish brain fog, improve energy and become Bulletproof. Hair mineral analysis reveals and explains the causes of many health symptoms and disease, whose underlying causes are largely related to nutritional deficiencies, mineral imbalances and heavy metal and chemical toxicity. Your hair can be tested because it is one of many places the body eliminates minerals and heavy metals. The individual mineral levels, ratios of minerals to each other and patterns of minerals deposited in the hair reveal all kinds of things about your body chemistry and health conditions.

4.) Manicure  or pedicure with non toxic polish

25-Gift-Ideas-For-The-Thyroid-Patient-In-Your-LifeSuffering with Hashimoto’s or Hypothyroidism can wreak havoc on your nails. Nothing looks better than clean well-maintained fingernails and freshly painted toenails (with non toxic polish). Regular manicures and pedicures will enhance the health of your fingernails and toenails, promoting faster growth and maintaining well moisturized cuticles.

5). Quality Time

High on my ‘happy’ list, is making others merry. Sometimes, just spending quality time goes a long way. Other times, lending a non-judgemental and loving ear can be reward enough. Now go, visit or call the thyroid love in your life.

6). Thyroid Nation Essentials

Thyroid patients are always looking for great ways to thrive with this disease. Essential oils are natural, aromatic liquids found in plants that have been used, (one way or another), for thousands of years by people all across the world. Thyroid essential oils, used safely and consciously, are a wonderful, effective way to support a healthy lifestyle, help maintain physical and emotional wellness, clean and purify your home, care for your hair and skin, and promote spirituality. Additionally, essential oils can help to promote balance, offer benefits for your thyroid and is one of the main reasons it was created….for the thyroid patient. They are synthetic, preservative, paraben, soy, gluten, plastic and synthetic FREE, keeping the health of your endocrine system a top priority! Hand made with intention of love, light and healing vibes, just for you. (Check out Speak Your Truth for some serious Thyroid & Thymus love)

7). Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause

25-Gift-Ideas-For-The-Thyroid-Patient-In-Your-LifeOne of my favorite thyroid books from an amazing innovator in the thyroid community having suffered Hashimoto’s herself. What’s Really Going on in Hashimoto’s? Hashimoto’s is more than just hypothyroidism. Most patients with Hashimoto’s will present with acid reflux, nutrient deficiencies, anemia, intestinal permeability, food sensitivities, gum disorders and hypoglycemia in addition to the “typical” hypothyroid symptoms such as weight gain, cold intolerance, hair loss, fatigue and constipation. The body becomes stuck in a vicious cycle of immune system overload, adrenal insufficiency, gut dysbiosis, impaired digestion, inflammation, and thyroid hormone release abnormalities. This cycle is self-sustaining and will continue causing more and more symptoms until an external factor intervenes and breaks the cycle apart. The lifestyle interventions discussed in this book aim to dismantle the vicious cycle piece by piece. We start with the simplest modifications, by removing triggers, and follow with repairing the other broken systems to restore equilibrium, allowing the body to rebuild itself.

8). Thyroid Meditation CD (per Mary Shomon)

Get in touch, relax, and experience inner calm by doing an uplifting guided meditation. Demo DiMartile of One Life One Spirit has created an incredible audio CD (and MP3), the “Thyroid Meditation,” specifically designed for thyroid patients. You can read about The Thyroid Meditation in this interview with Demo DiMartile. I had the privilege of meeting and Demo in March at Mary Shomon’s Me Time Weekend. My very first guided meditation session with him left me feeling safe and comforted as if I had a force field, or bubble around me. It was a profound moment surely never to be forgotten.

9). Mediterranean Paleo Cooking: Over 150 Fresh Coastal Recipes for a Relaxed, Gluten-Free Lifestyle

25-Gift-Ideas-For-The-Thyroid-Patient-In-Your-LifeHave you been wanting to try a paleo diet for autoimmune health. This is a fabulous book with amazing paleo-friendly recipes that are free of gluten, grains, inflammatory oils, dairy, or refined sweeteners. Many people assume that eating better—whether to lose weight, alleviate health problems, or simply improve how they feel—means eating low-fat, boring, and tasteless food. Professional chef Nabil Boumrar and Certified Nutrition Consultant Caitlin Weeks blow that myth out of the water with their vibrant and healthy coastal cuisine. Listen to Caitlin Weeks on Thyroid Nation Radio.

10). Google HOME Is A Must For Thyroid Sufferers

Ever said to your kids or another family member, “Google It”, when they ask you a question? Especially since thyroid patients suffer with brain fog, having google come to life is a brilliant tool.Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own Google, always ready to help. Just start with, “Ok Google”.game on so you can “Find Your Power, and Love Your Life”. A simple voice request triggers Google Home to play music, podcasts or radio from services like Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora and TuneIn. hanks to Google’s rich history in search, Google Home is ready for your questions. Get real-time answers including the latest on weather, traffic, finance, sports, local businesses and more.

11). Heated Hand Warmers (another great one from the amazing Mary Shomon)

This is one of my favorites and I just had to include it. For those of us with an underactive thyroid problem, winter can be particularly miserable, because sometimes, we just can’t get our hands and feet warm. A wonderful solution…handwarmers and footwarmers that you can take anywhere with you. These are an especially great gift for someone who also has Raynaud’s autoimmune disease, which makes fingers and toes especially susceptible to the cold. Warmers are disposable, portable hand and foot warmers.Just break open one of these handy, self-contained packets, tuck them into your mittens or boots, and they generate heat for as long as 8 hours! No more frosty fingers or popsicle toes. Mary Shomon recommends: Grabber Hand and Foot Warmers. They are single use air-activated heat packs that provide everyday warmth and are ideal for keeping your hands warm when the temperature gets cold. 

12). Hat, Mittens or Scarf

A cozy scarf, mittens or hat is always a thoughtful gift. A special present that you don’t often remember to buy for yourself. Keep those thyroid hands and toe toes warm this winter.

13). Blue light

Bright light therapy with a light box can help banish winter blues, and may even improve your mood, help your energy level, and perk up your metabolism during colder, darker days of winter. Thyroid patients are at greater risk than others of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and may find that bright light therapy is just what’s needed to help maximize energy levels. Mary Shomon recommends for you to consider getting a fairly portable light box lamp that you can put right on your desk, for home, office, studies and crafting.

14). Dry Skin Brush

Per Wendy Myers of Liveto110.com, the lymphatic system is a major part of the body’s immune system. It is 25-Gift-Ideas-For-The-Thyroid-Patient-In-Your-Lifemade up of organs and lymph nodes, ducts and vessels that transport lymph throughout the body. Many of these lymph vessels run just below the skin and proponents of dry brushing claim that brushing the skin regularly helps stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body and help the body detoxify itself naturally. Dry skin brushing may go even deeper, helping to support your digestion and organ function. Increasing the circulation to the skin could possibly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Bonus! One theory is that because it increases circulation, it also increases energy. Double bonus for thyroid patients.

15). Heated Mattress Pad

25-Gift-Ideas-For-The-Thyroid-Patient-In-Your-LifeHow many thyroid patients do you know that want to jump into a cold bed, with cold sheets in the cold of winter? The heated mattress pad eliminates the irritating feeling of crawling into a freezing bed at night. The pad is a comfortable and convenient way to keep your bed warm during the coldest of winter nights. Features include low-voltage technology, a ten hour safety shutoff, and easy care machine washable fabric. Luxurious ultra-soft and supportive Micro-Velour fabric top is designed to rejuvenate and warm your bed. Sleep better in a cooler room.

16). Near Infrared Sauna

Near infrared light lets off the least amount of harmful rays and is the most beneficial for thyroid and general health. An increasing amount of research shows interesting and positive results for patients who use near infrared light therapy. If you suffer with thyroid disease and symptoms of chronic illness, fatigue, brain fog, light therapy can help resolve these issues. Make your own using Red Heat Lamps, like I did.

17). Positive apparel Pullover, shirt or tank

25-Gift-Ideas-For-The-Thyroid-Patient-In-Your-LifeWe all want to be comfy and these shirts, tanks and pullovers are not only comfortable but also keep you happy. LOOK CLOSER! The design is made entirely from TINY, POSITIVE WORDS! Whatever words jump out at you are your super powers for the day. Bring more mindfulness to those truths and see what happens! Thyroid patients need all the positive happy vibes they can get.

18). Sorel Slippers

No more cold tootsies! Sorel Slippers blend slipper comfort with the 25-Gift-Ideas-For-The-Thyroid-Patient-In-Your-Lifeprotection of a leather shoe. They feature a leather sole and a plush, warm lining. They are perfect for people who wear slippers in their home in place of shoes and they are available in three colors. Perfect for the thyroid fashionista in your life.

19). Babysitter

What a wonderful way to show you love, care and support someone. Especially those that suffer with a sometimes invisible illness, like thyroid diesease, by offering to help.

20). Warm Buddy products

These are just fun. Keep the whole family warm this year. Warm Buddy has gloves, socks, shoulder wraps, throws, and more. Just perfect for when you’re feeling the cold, blistery air.

21). Stacey Robbins’ Book


Insightful, inspiring and hilarious, Stacey Robbins takes on life with Hashimoto’s at full speed in You’re Not Crazy And You’re Not Alone: Losing the Victim, Finding Your Sense of Humor, and Learning to Love Yourself Through Hashimoto’s. It is a wildly informative, laugh out loud, deeply moving, real deal, raw look at yourself, through thyroid disease self-help book. A MUST read.

22). Thyroid Butterfly Jewelry

Show your support for Thyroid Disease by supporting the cause and showing you care. The butterfly is the 25-Gift-Ideas-For-The-Thyroid-Patient-In-Your-Lifesymbol used to represent the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is actually butterfly shaped gland Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ located in your neck just above your collar bones. It is part of the Endocrine system, a group of glands in the body responsible for hormone secretion. Besides, what girl (or boy) doesn’t love to be doted on with jewelry? Check out this and many more on Etsy.com.

23). FitBit

Make every beat count. Manage chronic health conditions like thyroid disease with the wireless wearable. You’ve 25-Gift-Ideas-For-The-Thyroid-Patient-In-Your-Lifeprobably seen them at every magazine and checkout counter known to man. Get continuous, automatic, wrist-based heart rate and simplified heart rate zones to help you track your health. Monitor your sleep (or no sleep) automatically and wake with a silent alarm. FitBit is perfect for the fitness conscious.

24). Spa Sox

Cold feet. Hypothyroidism. Enough said. Keeping your feet warm makes the list twice. Heat these slippers in the microwave to relax your aching feet, or slip them on after they’ve been in the freezer to help reduce swelling. Savor the plush coolness as it gently drapes over your feet. Hot or cold – these spa sox therapeutic slippers will pamper and coddle your feet.

25). Cast Iron Skillet Set (or ceramic)

Teflon may be easy to clean but it is terrrible for the endocrine system as the coatings breakdown and get absorbed into the foods you are cooking. Give the gift of healthy dishes. Pots and pans are in general, not a fun present to give, but a FABULOUS present to receive.

+ Bonus, Stocking Stuffer Ideas….

-Make or buy a gift certificate from places that your loved one will enjoy. Thyroid patients deserve some “Me” time. So help them out with a self-care day or:

  • Massage
  • Reiki Session
  • Yoga Class
  • Acupuncture

-Or make some wonderful meals that will keep in the freezer and hand deliver.

-Thinning eyebrows is a definite symptom of hypothyroidism. Why not slip a wonderful eye brow pencil in your thyroid patients stocking.

-An iTunes or Amazon gift card can be used for ordering many thyroid books, or just plain fun.

Be creative. Or just be thoughtful. Happy Holidays~

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