This week our guest is actually, my fabulous co-host, Tiffany Mladinich, founder of GratefulGarden.biz, a successful Aromatherapy Essential Oils business in Joshua Tree, California. Tiffany is a Thyroid advocate, wellness consultant, medical liaison, aromatic medicinal and essential oil formulator and my friend and partner in thyroid nation essentials.

On today’s episode, #46 of Thyroid Radio, we discuss:

  • A list of do’s and don’ts with essential oils?
  • What never to do with essential oils
  • Can you use essential oils instead of thyroid medication?
  • How she got started in the aromatherapy business
  • Do you recommend one line or brand of essential oils or how do you decide what to buy?
  • Do any oils help with gut bacteria or leaky gut?
  • Her health history with Hashimoto’s
  • Tiffany’s top 10 essential oils

It was a wonderfully, informative and enlightening show!  

If you are interested in knowing more about how Tiffany’s journey can relate to yours and how food, exercise, lifestyle and stress all relate to your health, or would just like a coach, cheerleader or just someone to listen that understands, please inquire about a consultation. She is passionate about helping you feel better and wants you to enjoy all of the beauty that this life has to offer. IT IS POSSIBLE. (send me a quick email with the subject line Tiffany Consult to thyroidnation@gmail.com)

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We want to remind you all that wellness is a journey and takes continual
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