Instantly Banish Brain Fog

Improve your mental clarity and focus with a Brain Awake Nasal Inhaler

Whether you're driving your kids to school, making your way through a stack of papers, or just relaxing with a good book, you want to have a clear mind so you can focus on the task before you.

In an ideal world, you’d be sharp and on the ball all day, able to focus on whatever requires your attention. But, as you know, that’s often not reality!

Brain fog can creep up at any time, making even the simplest of tasks nearly impossible to complete.

Improve focus with Brain Awake

We decided it was time to do something to battle brain fog symptoms, and the result is our Brain Awake Nasal Inhaler.

Made with all natural, organic essential oils, our nasal inhaler will quickly clear your mind and allow you to get on with your day, free from fatigue and productivity-crippling brain fog. It’s just the right size to tuck easily into a pocket or purse so it's always there for you, plus it's easy to use and completely safe. That’s why Karen, who posted her review on the nasal inhaler product page, called it “a magic bullet”!

Feeling foggy and unfocused isn't fun. Carry a Brain Awake Nasal Inhaler with you everywhere! It helps to stimulate awareness, banish brain fog and fight fatigue. Use for headaches, nausea, throat issues and as an antihistamine in a pickle. Our customers love it! Here are some things they’ve had to say:

I don’t have thyroid problems but I get so groggy in the afternoons, it is hard to focus. This inhaler wakes my brain up! Love it!

Posted on the Brain Awake Product Page

It goes with me everywhere. Still strong as ever and fabulous when I just can’t breath or when my sugar is low and I need a quick mental pick-me-up. Simple, clean and safe.

Melissa Phipps
Posted on the Brain Awake Product Page

Brain Awake Nasal Inhaler



  • Stimulates awareness and banishes brain fog
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Long-lasting and safe to use

Directions: Place close to nose and inhale separately into each nostril.  (Sometimes blocking 1 passage at a time) Evaluate scent sensitivity, for deeper breathing potential. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Organic Essential Oils- Rosemary and Peppermint