Danna Bowman

When I was 39, my husband and I picked up and moved with our two kids from Texas, site unseen, to Costa Rica. I had been the owner of a successful event planning company, and something in me knew I needed to downshift my busy lifestyle. The minute my feet touched Costa Rican soil, I felt a huge sense of relief. Little did I know, that intuitive call to simplify and slow down was a precursor of things to come.

We loved Costa Rica and enjoyed eight glorious years there, living in a small and wonderful community, watching our children grow and thrive. I became a Zumba dance instructor, and fell in love with it. During that time I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, and took my doctor’s advice to take Levothyroxine and go on with my life. Like so many others, I didn’t question this course of action. Then, out of nowhere, I got tired. Really tired. I was at a Zumba convention and kept having to retire to my room, turning down invitations (which wasn’t like me), and going quickly downhill. My adrenals were crashing– a development in my health that began an ongoing spiral of new symptoms and challenges that continues to this day.

I wasn’t hugely surprised by any of this. I believe I was undiagnosed hypothyroid my entire life, and have struggled with hormonal imbalances since my teens.

Trying to heal in Costa Rica was a bit more difficult than in the states. I started researching and learned that I couldn’t get a T4/T3 med or even any T3, in the entire country. Eventually, I found a naturopath to treat me from the states, and jumped through a lot of hoops trying to get the right medication.

I started Thyroid Nation, to try to raise awareness and offer support to others going through the same thing. My mission here is to create an online community where the voices of the throid world– both experts and patients– can unite and thrive.

In 2016 we moved to Colorado. I continue to find my way through my own health challenges, forever grateful to the disease for teaching me so much, connecting me with so many amazing people, and shining a light on this enlightening path. YOU are my silver lining. Pura vida!