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Thyroid Nation is celebrating our 1st Anniversary. To celebrate this momentous occasion we are launching Thyroid Nation RADIO and we are giving away some fabulous prizes, graciously donated by some of the thyroid community’s most influential people. Thank you for making a success in advocacy, health news, and patient support. Please help keep the Thyroid Nation growing, United We Heal.

(See PRIZES and Rules below)


PRIZES Include:

  1. (2) Books, Izabella Wentz – Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause Value: $60 Amy S., Raquel M.
  2. (3) Books, Suzy CohenThyroid Healthy – Lose Weight, Look Beautiful and Live the Life You Imagine Value: $ 65 Sharon K.
  3. (2) Books, Mary ShomonLiving Well with Hypothyroidism: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You… That You Need to Know (Revised Edition) Value: $30 Ferne B., Vicki C.
  4. (2) Books, Dr. Eric Osansky – Natural Treatment Solutions for Hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease 2nd Edition Value: $45 Brenda K., Jodi W.
  5. (1) Book, Stacey Robbins– You’re Not Crazy And You’re Not Alone: Losing the Victim, Finding Your Sense of Humor, and Learning to Love Yourself Through Hashimoto’s Value: $20 Kimberly A.
  6. (1) Free Private Thyroid Health Consultation with Robin Arutt, M.Ed., CH, HC.  Robin is a functional endocrine nutrition expert and clinical herbalist specializing in thyroid and adrenal health.  She is the founder of Full Potential Living, a health coaching services company, as well as, home of her guided, whole-body-approach to thyroid health.  Your private consultation is a full 75 minutes, includes a full review of your lab work, time for you to ask questions and get answers, and provides you with a personalized action plan so you can finally end the confusion and overwhelm of thyroid disease and be on your way to living well and feeling great. Value: $225 Jennifer L.
  7. (1) Book, Suzy CohenDrug Muggers: Which Medications Are Robbing Your Body of Essential Nutrients–and Natural Ways to Restore Them Value: $25
  8. (2) Movie Premier Tickets to view the upcoming, original film SickToDeath! It’s a feature documentary by Guggenheim award-winning filmmaker, Maggie Haleigh-West, will be completed in October 2015. Sick to Death! explores thyroid disease and pharmaceutical corruption, revealing the truth behind medical care and its impact on everyone! Value: Priceless 
  9. (5) Books, Dr. Steven HotzeHypothyroidism, Health & Happiness: The Riddle of Illness Revealed Value: $150 Donna A., Lisa E., Lori G., Karen Z., Amy O.
  10. (2) Books, Michelle Corey, The Thyroid Cure Value: $50 Sunilda S., Christine C.
  11. (1) Free Private New Client Consultation with Tiffany Mladanich from Grateful Garden. An opportunity to review and confirm that your medical care is optimized, that supplements are clean and appropriate and that lifestyle choices are helping, not hindering your wellbeing. Value: $100
  12. (2) Books, Dr. Nikolas HedbergThe Complete Thyroid Health and Diet Guide: Understanding and Managing Thyroid Disease Shamekka S., Carla J.
    Value: $75
  13. (1) Power Pack Supplements, Hotze VitaminsDr. Hotze’s PowerPak – NEW & IMPROVED! Value: $ 235
  14. (1) Digital Health Pack, Andrea Beaman,  Value: $75 Juanita C.
  15. (2) Books, Suzy Cohen, Headache Free: Relieve Migraine, Tension, Cluster, Menstrual and Lyme Headaches  Value: $40 
  16. (1) Digital Book, Jen WittmanThe TLC Partner’s Guide To Thyroid & Autoimmune Disease – Understand Her Struggle & How To Help Value: $20 
  17. (2) Books, Carol GrayWow, Your Mom Really Is Crazy: A Complete Guide to Coping with Thyroid Disease: Stress, Weight Loss Tips, and More Value: $35 Linda C., Lanie R.
  18. (1) Set of Supplements, Holtorf Medical Group, Health and Wellness supplements Value $50 Lissa B.
  19. (1) Book/Autographed, Jen WittmanHealing Hashimoto’s Naturally: How I used radical TLC to love my thyroid and my body back to health…and you can too! Value $20 Jadwiga W.
  20. (3) Movie Tickets, Donna-Lynne Larson, Watch WALK TALK DANCE SING : “The ‘Little Hashimoto’s Film on a Mission’ that is waking everyone up. This is the powerful story of thyroid disease and so much more.  Value: Priceless ($30) 
  21. (1) Digital Book, Jen WittmanThe Super-Mom’s Guide To Managing Life With Thyroid Disease Without Going Bonkers Value: $25 
  22. (2) Sets of Supplements, Suzy CohenThyroScript is a synergistic blend of herbs, nutrients and digestive enzymes representing a breakthrough for healthy thyroid function and normal metabolism. Value: $70 Sarah H.
  23. (2) Books, Dr. Datis Kharrazain, Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? when My Lab Tests Are Normal: a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Understanding Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroidism Anita R., Jodi K.
  24. (1) Free 90 minute Session, Connie Curtis, Value $100 

So far…. there will be 42 LUCKY WINNERS to win 1, of over $ 1,700.00 worth of prizes! Drawing on March 1, 2015

Official rules: does not own and are not in possession of these prizes (giveaway/raffle items). Prizes are being shipped directly from the sponsor. This is a Not For Profit raffle. By submitting your information, you will be registered/entered into our “Great Gift Giveaway” raffle promotion. You will also be automatically signed up for the newsletter which is distributed weekly via email. We value your privacy. Your personal information will be kept confidential and will never be sold to third parties. 

  • No purchase necessary.
  • Limit one (1) prize per person.
  • Geographic area is not limited for eligibility to participate in this raffle. However, if winner is outside of the contiguous United States (48 States) the winner may be asked to provide for the addition shipping cost of the prize.
  • Raffle will start (2/19/2015) and with a scheduled termination date of (3/1/2015).
  • Above is a complete list of prizes and sponsors of the contest/raffle.
  • All prizes offered will be awarded and distributed by the sponsor.
  • Winners will be selected randomly by Heyo (a 3 party) and posted (3/1/2015)
  • A full list of winners (First Names Only) will be available above.



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