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What does Zen really mean?

Why would it apply to your thyroid life? How would you implement it in your life with thyroid disease? Or even if you do not suffer with a disease, autoimmune or not, how can it be beneficial?

Raina suffers with thyroid disease and shares her thoughts on how to include more ZEN and why it is important for your health…..

Zen can be described as oneness with a state of mind and an application of that state in daily life.

Zen is way of being.

It is also about removing the rose colored glasses and observing the truth without judgement or distortion and then putting the rose –colored glasses back on – and living life.
Living –life content enough within a small circle of friends containing the positive energy among like minds and like souls. It is about maintaining peace within chaos and you do that by elimination of what you can and distance of what you cannot. Creating a safe peace-filled place for living.
This is not denial of what is happening in the world. This is not idealistic. This is actually realistic in accepting that things are not perfect and there is suffering in the world around you. It is about picking your battles to assist and help others – with a balance of retreat for self- replenishment for oneself.

Zen has no politics or religion –it just is.

Zen is love – love of the peacefulness and of the chaos. Zen is acceptance of what truly is – reality.

Acceptance is the center of Zen.

The acceptance of how things are or the character of a person is… you are accepting a truth. You do not have to change, alter or manipulate it. You merely need to understand that it is what it is. Once you start to give it a title you have altered it in your perception and you have created chaos in your space.
Hate, judgement, displeasure, anger are all judgements of truth.
Living in Zen does not mean living without the desire. Desire is also Zen. Desire is a positive way to move the ebb & flow around to a more pleasurable place. Wearing the rose-colored glasses doesn’t mean that you do not see or feel pain– it does not mean you ignore and turn your back on the chaos. It allows one to see the reality – and see the solutions or actions that can be made by you to nudge things in a way that brings about a positive outcome. This is done from a loving place and a knowing that any movement that occurs only happens with the acceptance of another.

Zen is not forced it is contagious.

More Zen PLEASE!!!

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