I’m Your Everything – Multipurpose Mist

I’m Your Everything 



Multipurpose Mist

Amount/Qty: 2 oz 

Directions: Use as desired anywhere, anytime. Can also be used as a facial toner prior to serum use.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Essential Oils (Lavendula Angustifolia, ?) Vitamin E (Non-GMO sunflower.)

Caution: For external use) only. Avoid Eye area. Discontinue if irritation arises. Always store away from children, pets and heat.


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 I’m Your Everything

What is it/for: Everything. Bumps, bruises, cooking burns, sun burns, insect bites, attitude adjustment, facial toner, setting makeup, rashes…

Description: Multipurpose Mist 2 oz

Ingredients: Aloe Vera and Organic Lavandula Angustifolia essential oil, vitamin e (non-GMO Sunflower).

Directions: Spray as desired. Room, aura, face, children, dog, husband….

Suggestions: We know you’ll love this.

Caution/warning:  *Note that lavender has been shown to lower cortisol levels. Always listen to your own body…

WHY our price is….


A lovely, light refreshing mist with the calming, soothing power of Lavender .great for all times of the day (especially stressful). I also use this as a primer/toner before I use an oil on my face…light and lovely and helps to lock in moisture.



I have used this for many, many years…my kids love it straight out of the fridge on a hot day…very refreshing and calming. AWESOME on burns of all kinds, bug and spider bites, bruises and most all boo boo’s, adult and child alike! Helps to relieve swelling, pain and encourage healing. The uses are endless…