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What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is the garbage collection system of the body.

The majority of the fluid that is carried by the lymphatic system consists of waste deposits from the cells. Each of us has the same amount of lymph as blood in our body. The only thing difference in the lymphatic system compared to the circulatory system is that it does not have a pump. Lymph fluid is pumped through the vessels via the contraction of our muscles, our body’s own electro-magnetic field and even breathing. This is one of the many benefits of exercise because it moves lymph. A sluggish or clogged lymphatic system doesn’t allow the body to circulate the fluids and eliminate toxic waste buildup which can decrease the body’s immune function. As a result, there is an increase in swelling, inflammation and pain along with the possibility of contracting other diseases. Think of lymph nodes as small filters that can corner bacteria and prevent other nasty ‘surprises’ from invading your body. If they fail, those nodes may become infected with secondary tumors.

The Thyroid Has Lymph Nodes

The thyroid lymph nodes are deep anterior cervical lymph nodes found near the thyroid gland on theneck.

The Lymphatic System Is Very Important

This is why our lymph system is CRITICAL when it comes to purging our body of waste material! It’s also responsible for distributing nutrients to each and every part of our body. How does the lymph system work? As stated, it doesn’t have a pump like the circulatory system’s heart so the lymph system “PUMPS” the lymph through the body when you EXERCISE!

Hypothyroidism affects the lymphatic system slowing the body’s drainage of the lymph nodes and contributing to fluid retention. Get your thyroid tested.

Do you know what all of this means? It means you need to be active and exercise if you want to heal! This is why couch potatoes tend to develop chronic conditions earlier than those who exercise regularly and STICK to a healthy diet! The lymph (which is basically recycled blood plasma) needs balanced chemistry within its structure to function properly in that system. This is why it needs to be healthy or full of the nutrients to stay fit, which is what a proper pH level can give it. In order to maintain adequate pH levels, you need to have appropriate amounts of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and trace elements in your soft tissues (testing available through our friends at This is what gives the lymphatic system its fluidity. In other words, balanced lymph chemistry is essential for lymph to transport the minerals needed in the cells in order to re-alkalinize or balance the chemicals in the soft tissue. This, in turn, allows minerals to remain in the cell solution long enough to reach the cells.


Adequate Amounts Of Stomach Acid Is Necessary To Help The Lymphatic System

To make this scenario possible, appropriate amounts of HCL need to be supplied by the body so that you can absorb the vital minerals needed to help your lymphatic system. In other words, you need adequate amounts of stomach acid (HCL) to digest your food. Lymph is more than just waste, it is an amalgamation of enzymes, nutrients, sugars, cytokines and a other vital chemicals that coat the cells. As my good friend, Dr. Kevin Conners, likes to say, lymph is like “a healthy river, needing a constant flow of fresh nourishments, which prevents our body from turning it into a stagnant pond.” Lymph is normally pumped throughout the whole body in lymph vessels as the muscles in your body contract and relax. These vessels also contain check valves that permit the passage of waste in one direction only. If your lymphatic system slows down, it will prevent the circulation of necessary nutrients, thus dulling the response of the immune system at the same time! Do you know what that means? It means you will be highly susceptible to hidden infections that a strong immune system typically nips in the bud. As you grow old, the amount of HCL that your body produces decreases. This decrease is caused by several factors such as eating processed or junk food, using illegal and legal drugs, and excess stress. However, some researchers back in the 1930’s discovered that this acid (HCL) is not the only thing necessary to balance lymph chemistry and balance the minerals needed to alkalinize the tissue. Your body also needs a suitable NATURAL POTASSIUM ACTIVATOR.

HCL + Potassium = balance

When you combine HCL and potassium, you enable your body to create the perfect acid/base balance it needs to balance the lymph chemistry (I know I sound like a broken record, only because of how important this balance is!) Plus, the perfect HCL-Potassium partnership can actually boost HCL’s effectiveness as a global GERMICIDE. Basically, this means it can hunt out HIDDEN infections, which can turn chronic if they remain undetected. What is the take away? We found out that if your stomach acid is low, HCL supplementation along with potassium synergists can:

Thyroid-Diet-Ad-Banner21) Balance Lymph Chemistry…

by maintaining the medium those minerals need to freely move around the solution and deliver the necessary nutrients required by the body to ward off chronic diseases.

2) Make The Immune System…

active enough to detect hidden infections that can make the pH balance go awry. This usually happens when the minerals in the body abandon their purpose (which is to re-mineralize tissue) and go to fight off those infections instead.

The studies of Williamson, and Pearse,’ have suggested that the lymphatics of the thyroid gland are arranged in two distinct systems, one of which drains the capsular region in the cervical lymph glands, and the other, the secreting portion of the organ to the thymus.

You need to have the right amount of HCL to make that lymph flow smoothly and efficiently, as we have just discussed. When you have too little, nothing you do will make that lymph flow faster! When you have enough stomach acid (HCL) in your system, you can form methyl groups easily. This is VITAL. For those of you who aren’t aware, methyl groups allow cells to replicate NORMALLY. In other words, it’s because of methyl groups positively affecting your DNA that you get a NEW BODY every year. Why? As I mentioned before, your body is constantly changing cells. Methyl groups help you form HEALTHY cells. Abnormal or low levels will promote the growth of UNHEALTHY cells which can lead to serious health issues! It is important to keep the lymphatic system healthy as it is a vital part of body immunity and overall health.

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