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Thyroid problems are more complicated and more debilitating than we give them credit for. This is quite the dangerous combination.  But I’ve spent the last few years cracking the thyroid code with thousands of thyroid patients  day in and day out to develop a predictable and teachable formula that will allow you to give your patients back their lives in an incredibly short amount of time. It’s called the Modern Thyroid Method and friends, it works.

You are about to make a decision that I believe will impact, not only your life and the life of your family, but the lives of countless other people.

I can’t express the joy I have in my profession. I get to change lives, and selfishly, in a very short amount of time with very little work on my part. And I get to do it all day, every day.

I have the best job on the planet, and you can too.

Join me this year and let’s show people truly


What’s included in the Modern Thyroid Method Mastermind:

Live video lectures (recorded in case you miss them) twice monthly for 3 months

These lectures will cover ABSOLUTELY everything that I do at Modern Thyroid Clinic that allows me to give patients with hypothyroidism their lives back in record time. You will learn extremely precise clinical algorithms for treatment, allowing you to predict where a patient’s labs will land and where patient’s labs need to be in order for their symptoms to resolve. You will learn a complete and in depth understanding of thyroid biochemistry. You will learn all about medications, which ones to choose and when- how to dose them, when to dose them and how to change them so again, patients improve more quickly. This is the most in depth and clinically relevant training on the market, by a landslide.

My simple and realistic approach to treating Hashimoto’s that patients actually comply with.

A method of treating Grave’s that works to actually allow them to feel great. I don’t know a single other clinician treating this way, not one. You will be the trailblazer and extremely sought out in the Grave’s community.

After this training, you’re ready to be listed as certified in Modern Thyroid Method and let those patients start rolling in.

Then for the next three months I hold office hours where you can hop on and pick my brain about any patient cases in case you have questions. Firming up and solidifying your clinical skills for the long haul.

Does This Sound Like Exactly What You Need? But Maybe Your Question Is:

How Much?

I guarantee you will exit this mastermind feeling confident, inspiring, extremely well trained and excited to begin changing lives of your thyroid patients. 

Become a Thyroid Expert for
One time discounted payment of $4,999
$1999 monthly payments for 3 months

Essentially, you’ll pay for this course multiple times over in your new patient revenue each month alone.  Heck, I often see this many new patients each week. 

Today, You Can Get INSTANT ACCESS For Just…

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