Helpful information and resources for thyroid patients also Creating awareness for Thyroid. Learn about tests, diet, exercise, thyroid essential oils and associated conditions.
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My Story

Passionate Zumba instructor, life thriver…hunter of healing.

Add the love of Zumba, a cascade of ‘health driven’ dominos leading to adrenal fatigue and Hashimotos…the dire need to heal and find support, ultimately inspiring and unifying the collective voice of Thyroid Thrivers everywhere, as well as gathering the pieces of the puzzle needed to bring balance back within the body and…

Thyroid Nation was born

Cataloguing and showcasing the different journeys and ‘ah-ha’ moments of the many that Unite us as one. Continually pursuing the knowledge that will make us peaceful, conscious and whole again.

Feel the successes, reinventions, heartbreaks, enlightenments and paths that bring us all comfort, acceptance and wisdom.

Come join the Nation, United We Heal.

About Thyroid Nation

header is an independent news and health blog for people interested in creating awareness for thyroid and autoimmune diseases. We author and aggregate health related articles, editorials and, videos that inspire stories of hope, eco-friendly living, love, light and happiness!

Editorial Content

We have independent contributing writers and several affiliate relationships with news sites and blogs (we are always looking for new writers/authors to build relationships with). Our original content motivates our readers to look at the health world in new ways and approach life with renewed perspective and hope. Our articles and posts focus on alternative and natural health, activism, living sustainably and most importantly creating awareness for thyroid and other autoimmune diseases.

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