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My Thyroid Symptoms Vanished With Diet, Vitamins and Minerals

Erin Boyea, Thyroid ThriversThyroid Nation 32 years oldHashimoto’sNew York, USADiagnosed in 2009   I never researched Hashimoto’s Disease when I received the “hypothyroidism” diagnosis. My doctor made it sound so simple, “Take this pill. Your thyroid needs it. You’ll feel…

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RAI And A Complete Thyroidectomy Failed To Distinguish My Hyperthyroidism
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RAI And A Complete Thyroidectomy Failed To Extinguish My Hyperthyroidism

Mac Winslow, Thyroid Thrivers Thyroid Nation 37 years youngNorth Carolina, USA Graves’ Disease(Hyperthyroidism)2005 Grave’s Disease is an autoimmune disease that causes the overproduction of thyroid hormones, in other words hyperthyroidism. At age 28, I had lost some weight and wasn’t…

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Cannabis Oil Healed This Woman's Inoperable Mass And Thyroid Disease
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Cannabis Oil Healed This Woman’s Inoperable Mass And Thyroid Disease

Marco Torres, Prevent DiseaseThyroid Nation   With each natural alternative I discussed with my doctors I was reassured there was nothing natural, much less cannabis oil, ever going to fix my thyroid. In 2011, Lindsay Bunn Rogers was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and was…

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RAI Killed My Thyroid Gland and I Still Have Thyroid Problems
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RAI Killed My Thyroid Gland and I Still Have Thyroid Problems

Suzanne Root, Thyroid ThriversThyroid Nation 52 years oldCalifornia, USAHypothyroid post RAI,hyperthyroid, Adrenal Fatigue2010 WHO knew I would soon be taking RAI and getting rid of one of my body parts? I began having what I thought were hot flashes, along…

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My Life Is Like A Seesaw - Hyperthyroidsm, Medications and Radiation
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My Life Is Like A SeeSaw – Hyperthyroidism, Medications and Radiation

Brittany Clark, Thyroid ThriversThyroid Nation 27 years oldGarrison, KentuckyHyperthyroidism2002 This was my hyperthyroidism life. Medicines were plentiful, nose bleeds (lots of them), iodine, and bunches of SLEEP. I was a small child when my mother and grandmother noticed my neck…

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