Helpful Blogs & Websites

 Helpful Blogs, Facebook Groups, Advocates and Websites for useful and healthy information.

Together, raising awareness for Thyroid Disease.

Facebook Groups 

Grateful Garden Healthy Thyroid Lady Butterflies & Phoenixes Thyroid Disease Awareness Graves’ Disease Cure Living With Graves’ Disease 

THYROID International Groups – Connect Globally 

Thyroid Federation of Canada The Austrailian Thyroid Founation Denmark Threodia Thyroid Foundation of Finland Associazione Italy Basedowiani e Tiroidei Association des malades de la thyroide France Schilddrusen Liga Germany e.V. British Thyroid Foundation
England Jean Hailes  Austrailia Japan Thyroid Association Norsk Thyreoideaforbund Norway Schildklierstichting Nederland (SSN) The Netherlands Sköldkörtelförening i Stockholm Sweden American Thyroid Association Instituto da Tirode Brazil

Thyroid Discussion Group Hashimoto’s & Graves Talk Show Girlfriends Guide to Hashimoto’s

Thyroid Tribe Autoimmune In Tune Thyroid Fun Hashimoto Happiness Magnesium Advocacy Group Hashimoto’s Girls Get Healthy

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