Thyroid Nation Bling Butterfly Thyroid Awareness Hat


Original, One of a Kind Butterfly Thyroid Awareness Hat

Support thyroid awareness on a good or bad hair day with this custom Butterfly Thyroid Awareness Hat adorned with genuine Austrian Swarovski crystals.

One size fits all (velcro closure)


Looking for something special and unique?
What is it for: Take your thyroid support to the next level just by wearing a ball cap? YES PLEASE! This hat is a mesh trucker-style cap in vintage grey with custom butterfly patch. Embellished with genuine Austrian Swarovski crystals makes this a great option for you to raise awareness and look wonderful while doing it!
Directions: Don’t just wear an ordinary baseball hat for a bad hair day. Wear this custom Butterfly Thyroid Awareness Hat and look SUPER FABULOUS!
Caution: Feel good on the inside and shine bright on the outside, while creating waves of awareness for thyroid disease. (and never have a bad hair day again)
-Each custom hat is handmade, one at a time
-Velcro closure and pony tail hole
-Tattoo patch on a light blue background
-AB Genuine Swarovski Crystals
-Vintage Grey Trucker Hat
-LeeLeeRox Signature mark with 36 mm crystal on back
*Part of all proceeds will go towards raising thyroid awareness. Did you know, Thyroid disease affects 1 in 3 American Adults.


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