Thyroid-Friendly Doctors

Thyroid-Friendly Doctors Resource Guide

  1. The Institute for Functional Medicine list of doctors.
  2. Izabella Wentz’s International list of Recommended Clinicians & Health Coaches
  3. The American Holistic Medical Association, Find a Provider
  4. The American Association of Integrative Medicine, Find-a-Provider Directory
  5. American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine Physician Locator
  6. ThyroidChange Doctor list (extensive and easy to read patient-referred)
    United States*
    Compounding Pharmacies-US
  7. Dr. Datis Kharrazian’s Thyroid Connections
  8. Thyroid Doctors Locator Site
  9. Mary Shomon’s Thyroid Top Doctors Directory (Please screen the list carefully using the criteria above. Not all doctors listed run full thyroid labs or provide treatment options.)
  10. Re-find Health list of Global Physicians and Healthcare Practitioners
  11. Stop the Thyroid Madness – How to Find a Good Doctor
  12. Gena Lee Nolin Patient Preferred Doctors and more on Thyroid Sexy FB comments
  13. Top Doctors who Prescribe Armour Thyroid
  14. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  15. The International College of Integrative Medicine, ICIM Doctor Member Search
  16. Paleo Physicians Network Doctors List
  17. American Osteopathic Association – Find a DO
  18. List of Compounding Pharmacies by (Find a great doctor by who prescribs NDT)
  19. List of Compounding Pharmacies by
  20. Bioidentical Hormone Doctors Directory
  21. American College for Advancement in Medicine, Physician+Link Directory
  22. The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Find a Practitioner
  23. American Thyroid Association (These are mostly Endocrinologists so please have your list of labs ready to share).
  24. Coalition for Better Thyroid Care List of Recommended Doctors
  25. Find a Doctor
  26. Warrior Butterflies Patient Recommended Specialists
  27. Michigan Thyroid Top Doc List

International Thyroid-Friendly Doctors

  1. Thyroid UK’s list of Private Doctors and Practitioners
  2. American Holistic Health Association, AHHA Practitioner Members (U.S., Brazil, Germany, Taiwan)
  3. A4M provides a worldwide Anti-Aging Directory
  4. The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors Find a Naturopathic Doctor
  5. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Physician Referral (U.S. and international)
  6. NTH Europe Doctor List
  7. Compounding Chemists, Australia
  8. Hypotyreosföreningen Support Group, Sweden
  9. Sköldkörtelforumet, Sweden, Facebook Group
  10. von Patienten empfohlene Aerzte (Bens Liste), Germany
  11. Thyroid Top Doctors – Belgique, Belgium
  12. International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists Compounder Connect for compounding pharmacies in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand.

Top 8 QUESTIONS to ask your doctor:

  1. Do they accept insurance? 
  2. Do they prescribe and support all forms of treatment like NDT, (Natural Dessicated Thyroid), levothyroxine, compounded, LDN (Low dose Naltrexone) and supplements?
  3. Open to whichever medication works best for YOU.
  4. Consider dietary, nutritional and lifestyle?
  5. Do they do a full thyroid blood panel including Free T4, Free T3, TPO, Reverse T3, TgAb and don’t solely rely on the TSH test.
  6. Do they do hormone testing (Cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA etc.)?
  7. Do they take a ‘whole body’ medical approach?
  8. Do they test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies?
  9. Are they looking for the root cause and not just treating the condition?

This site does not personally endorse any of the doctors listed in the above reference guide. You should do your own detective work when searching for a suitable healthcare provider that suits your specific and individualized needs.  Use your best judgment when receiving the services of any healthcare practitioner. Make sure to inquire about their qualifications, ethics, business practices and malpractice cases.

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