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Hey, Thyroid Nation (Thrivers, Warriors and Survivors),

In Episode #90, we talk with special guest, Dr. Kelly Brogan, best-selling author of A Mind Of Your Own and founder of www.KellyBroganMD.com.

We Discuss:
  • Thyroid testing
  • Thyroid dysfunction and treatment
  • It’s not all in your head
  • Brain-gut connection
  • Diet and nutrtioin, NSAIDs, Gluten
  • Great psychiatric pretenders
  • Normal thyroid testing masking depression
  • Mental health and postpartum
  • A Mind of Your Own
  • Vital Mind Reset
In Brief:
    • Conventional medicine sees the body as fundamentally flawed and that you are born with problems that will manifest at different times. But there is a deep bankruptcy in that belief system (12:40)
    • It’s not about arguing the science (14:05)
    • Dr. Brogan states that she never cured a patient with pharmaceutical products (14:50)
    • Food as information (15:50)
    • Gut-brain, gluten-brain, microbiome (18:25)
    • Gluten affects the brain (19:00)
    • Psychiatric Pretenders and mental health (19:10)
    • Coffee enemas (30:30)


Effects of gluten
Coffee enemas
Food as information

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