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Immune Cells And Food That Causes Inflammation

What is it exactly that happens with immune cells in the presence of a food that causes inflammation?

The immune cell either ruptures completely or changes shape. A food sensitivity is not something you “feel” as stomach upset.

An efficient immune response protects against many diseases and disorders. An inefficient immune response allows diseases to develop. Too much, too little, or the wrong immune response causes immune system disorders. An overactive immune response can lead to the development of autoimmune diseases, in which antibodies form against the body’s own tissues.

The regular intake of foods that are perceived by the immune system as harmful trigger inflammatory responses and are associated with many health issues including Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune conditions.

Inflammation Leads To More Free Radicals

Increased inflammation leads to increased levels of free radicals caused by oxidative stress and can damage tissues and organ systems.

If you’ve gone through the Hashi’s Sister’s Autoimmune & Thyroid e-Course, then you already know that inflammation is the top driver of troubling symptoms.

Food Sensitivity Tests

THE ONLY way to know if you have a true food sensitivity is through testing immune cells (leukocytes). This is not an IgG antibody test. I don’t believe in those as there is no scientific research anywhere to support that IgG antibodies lead to inflammation or symptoms.

The ALCAT test may be obtained here: http://shannongarrettwellness.com/food-sensitivity/

We can also provide you with investigational insurance coding to submit to your insurance company and/or FSA or HSA plans for possible reimbursement.

If you have any questions about the ALCAT test please email us at info@holisticthyroidcare.net

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