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Thyroid Health and the MTHFR from Dr. Ben Lynch:


Did you know that your genes are affecting your thyroid health? Whether you like it or not, genetic defects are at work in your body, directly or indirectly interfering with thyroid production.  In this enlightening and informative presentation, Dr Lynch and Dr Christianson delve into an area of medicine called ‘methylation’ and ‘nutrigenomics.’ Be sure to inform your healthcare professional about this recording as they will not want to miss out on cutting edge thyroid health research.

Here is an excerpt from a Q & A with Mary Shomon, thyroid advocate, and Dr. Ben Lynch:

Question from Mary Shomon:
 Is there a connection between thyroid health and MTHFR? 

Dr. Ben Lynch: 
Yes there is. We all know how prevalent hypothyroidism is. If one is hypothyroid, meaning their thyroid gland is functioning slowly, then the individual will have a sluggish MTHFR enzyme as well – even if this person does not have the MTHFR polymorphism.


MaryShomonLivingWellBecause the thyroid produces what is called T4, also known as thyroxine. Thyroxine helps produce the body’s most active form of vitamin B2, flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD). Vitamin B2 must be converted into active FAD by thyroxine in order for the body to effectively use vitamin B2.

The connection between FAD and MTHFR is that the MTHFR enzyme must have an ample supply of FAD in order to function.  If FAD levels are low due to low levels of thyroxine, then the MTHFR enzyme slows down, causing low methylfolate levels. We now know from above that low methylfolate leads to low neurotransmitters and low SAMe.

Question from Mary Shomon:
 What can hypothyroid patients do, i.e. nutrition and lifestyle changes, to cope with MTHFR inhibition?


(Click HERE to read the answer and full interview with Mary Shomon and Dr. Ben Lynch)

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Full Video Presentation of MTHFR and Thyroid Disorders:

Prefer to listen and not watch? Listen here (simply press the > button): Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes Download the podcast file here to listen on your own device.

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dr-ben-lynchDr. Ben Lynch is a naturopathic physician who has focused his research and teaching on MTHFR polymorphisms and genetic changes, and the connection to disease. Dr. Lynch’s site features research, articles, links and information related to MTHFR genetic mutations and polymorphisms. His book on this topic will be available during the spring of 2014 at this site, and online bookstores. You can also find Dr. Lynch on Facebook.

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