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Dr. Dach on the death of Model, Actress and MTV Reality show fame, Anna Nicole Smith, and the link to her low thyroid.


anna_nicole_weight06_300On February 8, 2007, Anna Nicole Smith apparently overdosed and died 5 minutes away from my office at the Seminole Indian Hard Rock Hotel, a gambling casino on the Indian Reservation.

Drug Overdose

Anna Nicole Smith’s death was officially attributed to drug overdose.  However, the autopsy report described a low thyroid condition called Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, a common condition causing low thyroid function.(1)  Anna Nicole Smith was also said to be taking human growth hormone (HGH).(7)  Of course, this information wasn’t mentioned in the autopsy report.  

The obvious question is, “Why was Anna Nicole taking Growth Hormone when she really needed thyroid medication ?”

Although mainstream medicine is staunchly opposed to HGH use by Aging Baby Boomers, the practice has caught the attention of some seniors groups,  and seems to be growing in spite of opposition by the Institute of Medicine and JAMA .(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)  As we find in the case of Anna Nicole Smith, I propose the idea that the real medical problem is usually thyroid deficiency rather than Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Human Growth Hormone at Cenegenics

A few years ago in 2005, I spent a week doing a clinical fellowship at the Cenegenics Clinic in Las Vegas with Alan Mintz MD.(8)    You may have seen Alan Mintz when he appeared on CBS Television 60 Minutes to describe his clinic program and talk about the Age Management Medicine Protocols offered there.(9)  Sadly, Dr. Alan Mintz passed away June 3, 2007, a little less than a year after his interview on the 60 minutes CBS television show.(10)



Dr. Mintz was a radiologist, and a visionary and a pioneer in his field.  He inspired many doctors, myself included, to embark on a new career in natural medicine and bio-identical hormones, and his presence will be greatly missed.

In this same CBS 60 minutes television interview, Alan Mintz disclosed that many of their patients were given treatments with human growth hormone (HGH) based on a protocol for Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency.(11)  (12)  I highly recommend the Cenegenics clinics as a world-class medical clinic, with excellent doctors and support staff.

Thyroid Hormone, The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

anna_nicole_smith_agnes_bruckner_plays_lifetime_movie_mn_thg_130628_wgVarious vitamin and hormone treatments such as HGH (human growth hormone), testosterone, DHEA, estrogen and progesterone are considered by aging baby boomers to have anti-aging properties.  However I would suggest that one need look no further than thyroid hormone, which is perhaps the best and most efffective anti-aging medication.  Thyroid Hormone changes the body composition, skin and hair quality, and produces a more youthful appearance.  In my experience, these youthful changes are much more profound with thyroid hormone than any other treatment in patients with low thyroid.

Yet, many the large clinics involved in Age Management or so-called anti-aging medicine tend to be conservative when it comes to offering thyroid treatment.  They usually hesitate to give thyroid medication if the labs are normal, or if they do give thyroid hormone, it is usually Synthroid rather than natural dessicated thyroid hormone like Nature-Throid from RLC Labs.(13)(32)

Synthroid is a thyroid pill which contains only T4 (thyroxine), while the natural thyroid (Nature-Throid) contains both T3 and T4, accounting for the better clinical results of the natural thyroid.(32)  Mainstream medical practice relies on the TSH test to determine when to treat with thyroid hormone (lab range 0.5 – 5.5) , so most people with low thyroid are missed by the medical system, and are not given thyroid hormone medication.  Endocrinologists at Walter Reed have found that patients prefer the Natural Thyroid over Synthroid.

Anna Nicole Smith’s death may have been prevented with a correct low thyroid diagnosis. May she R.I.P.

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