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We continue our video series with an informative segment on the connection between thyroid autoimmune diseases and your gut.



This video by Magdalena Wszelaki, discusses 3  important facts about thyroid problems that most people might not know about. In fact, 90% probably don’t know what thyroid conditions are related to or where the main cause comes from?

Did you know that the immune system attacks the thyroid when you have an autoimmune disease?

They also don’t know where the majority of the immune system lives? Lastly, in order to heal the thyroid completely, you need to heal this part of your body? You need to learn how to address what the root cause is of your thyroid disease. Learn more about how to get past your possible “ah-ha” moment and things to do, to be able to take action to heal.


Magdalena Wszelaki is a thyroid diet coach and professional life coach who has personally known the struggles of Graves’ and Hashimoto’s disease. You can find her passion at

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