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Quick thyroid gifts for the sufferer in your life.

It is the holiday season. A time for reflection. A time to remember the loved ones in your life. Seeing all the family christmas photo cards and how everyone has grown and changed is a highlight in our house. The laughter and hope that fills the air, always makes me smile. Since family and good (thyroid) health are the most important things in my life, I wanted to share my favorite thyroid -friendly holiday gifts with you.

These are gifts I would LOVE to have myself. They are selected for health and wellness benefits. Because I suffer with thyroid issues, Hashimoto’s, adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalances, I’m trying to take the best care of myself as possible. I am also NOT extreme in the way I do things and live my life, so I can only do so much. I cannot change every little thing that is harmful to my endocrine system. I can’t get rid of all the environmental toxins, cure my leaky gut or balance my hormones in the wink of an eye. Nor do I want to live like a crazy person, eliminating everything in sight that has a toxic load on my body.

I want to be about to LIVE. This world is amazing even if we have muddled it up with chemicals, pesticides, GMO’s and fake ingredients, it is still a wonderful, magical place to live. I will do everything in my power to balance my life and introduce new products and ways of being, so I can to enjoy my thyroid life.

Shhhh……I am giving some of these as gifts to others. (Wouldn’t it be great if I woke up on Christmas morning and received a few of them myself?!)  🙂

  1. lipOrganic Lipstick by Lotus

    • Lotus Pure Organic Lipstick Plum Berry Certified by USDA Organic
    • No Parabens, Petro-Chemicals, Phthalates, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, or Synthetic Dyes.
    • 100%Natural Ingredients
    • Hydrating formula loaded with antioxidants with color derived from fruit pigment.
    • Lipstick offers naturally vibrant colors blended with essential oils and shea butter to moisturize,plump and condition lips.
  2. CallMePrettyCall Me Pretty thyroid essential oil face blend
    Helps to encourage healthy skin tone and glow
    Helpful to even skin
    helps skin feel soft
    Helpful to promote sense of well being
    Lightly fragranced
    Helps to minimize pores
    brings out the best in your own skin
  3. candle-by-the-hour-48-hour-horizontal-candle-eco-friendly-natural-beeswax-with-cotton-wickCandle by the Hour
    • Self-extinguishes when the flame reaches the clip
    • This candle will burn up to 80 hours
    • Made out of 100-percent beeswax
    • Metal copper tone stand with a sleek, elegant wick holder
  4. Eyebrow Make-up by Brow’s & Co.
    • thyroid-nation-browParaben Free
    • Mineral Based
    • Color and Shape in One Step
    • Long-Lasting Hold – Smudge Proof – Waterproof
    • Made in the USA
  5. dVitamin D supplements– Naturewise
    • NatureWise Vitamin D3 in certified organic olive oil helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth, provide immune support, and support muscle function
    • Vitamin D is necessary for healthy calcium and phosphorus levels, though according to the Mayo Clinic 25% to 50% or more of the population could be deficient
    • Vitamin D3 in softgel form is easy to swallow and convenient to take. Some research indicates that vitamin D3 in liquid softgel form is more highly bioavailable than powdered or tablet forms
  6. oragnic-india-turmeric-formula-90-vegetarian-capsulesTumeric supplements by Organic India
    A natural spice that contains curcuminoids, which are phytonutrients with powerful antioxidant properties that fight the damaging effects of free radicals in the body.
  7. Probiotics
    They are used for people with troublesome digestive tracts who experience occasional constipation, gas and bloating, or digestive discomfort. And, to heal leaky gut, which I have. I’m working on healing now, socwith this. Shhhhhh….
  8. Cozy and Comfortable Socks

    • Cozy and Comfortable
    • Soft and Warm
    • Great way to keep feet warm and dry inside.
  9. BrainAwakeNasal Inhaler – Brain Awake
    Helpful to rid brain fog
    Helps to soothe headaches
    Helpful for stimulating awareness
    Helps to increase focus
    Can provides a pick me up
    Promotes congnition
    Encourages vocal clarity

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danna-bowman-thyroid-nation-profile-1Danna Bowman is the founder of Thyroid Nation. She developed Hashimoto’s after years of unknowinly suffering with hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue. Hypothyroidism runs in her family but it was never discussed, unfortunately. Her husband, 2 kids and her, picked up and moved, sight unseen, from Texas to Costa Rica in 2008. She was accurately diagnosed, however, they only offer Levothyroxine or Thyroidectomy as a solution for the disease. After a year of suffering, she turned to the internet. She found a doctor in Arizona that would consult with her and send Natural Dessicated Thyroid to her. After learning and realizing the misinformation and lack of information in Costa Rica and worldwide, she founded the website to help educate others. In 2015, she launched Thyroid Nation RADIO, a weekly thyroid and health, LIVE radio show with her co-host,Tiffany Mladinich.

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