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Just because I am taking medicine does NOT mean I am cured or am feeling fine. A note from a thyroid disease sufferer.

A common misconception with thyroid disease and of course many other diseases, just because you have been diagnosed and are being medicated, this does not necessarily mean you will lead a normal healthy life. You can try the best you can and the medication may help somewhat, but you most likely will still suffer from symptoms or other complications. (Don’t give up!)

Possibly you may even have a reaction to the medication you have been prescribed which could make you feel worse or even create an added symptom to your illness. Sometimes it can take years to find the right medication, prescription, dose and care for your particular needs. Even when you think you have the correct medication your body changes every day, no two days are alike.

Too many people who see you on an everyday or weekly basis, they would have no idea that you are suffering from a thyroid condition and that you have to take medication every day just to function like everyone else. Just to get out of bed, to take care of yourself and loved ones, to be able to get out of the house and do everyday tasks like shopping, taking kids to school/kinder, or even making that much-needed visit to the doctor.

This condition/disease affects the emotions, the health, every bodily function, the brain, feelings and it can be mentally draining. Many who suffer from a thyroid condition will also suffer from some type of depression, or mental instability and more than anything these people will need friends for support. Yet those who are suffering from the illness would perhaps be the last to ask for help, out of fear or anxiety or just because they don’t want to be a burden on anyone else. Often left to face it alone because many people around are unable to understand this condition and how it affects your everyday life.

Instead of getting the support you need, you may be feeling alone or deserted because of the misunderstanding, from those around you. Often those around may think of you as a hypochondriac, but you can’t help the way you feel. It is easy to get discouraged and feel the need to want to give up, throw in the towel and just bury your head in the sand. Because, that would be easier than having to face the next day and whatever sufferings it may bring.

This is one of the many reasons I created this page, for those who feel like they have nowhere to go for support. I’m hoping for this to be a place of refuge, belonging, support and also mostly a place to gain courage to continue the battle against this disease. At times, it can feel like a long hard battle and you may wonder if you will ever feel well again. (Believe in yourself and know that you are doing all you can)

If you are newly diagnosed with a thyroid condition, you may be confused as to why you still feel so unwell.  Those around you may wonder why you are still suffering with aches and pains and annoying symptoms. Getting a blood test for your thyroid every few months is a recommended way of keeping track of how everything is working. Also, don’t forget to have a blood test for your vitamin, iron and mineral levels, as these are also affected by a malfunctioning thyroid.

Don’t give up hope, there are many walking the same path who do know what you are going through. Many who understand your sufferings and continual battle on this path to wellness are going through the same thing. There are taking their medication and eating nutritiously and getting rest. But,  as the Thyroid Living motto says, we are all:

Overcoming, Surviving and Empowering everyday existence!

(Medication helps, but it takes more than that to make me feel ‘normal’ on a daily basis)

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 Questions or anything to ask Pam about the awful feelings that come when people don’t understand, because, you are taking medication and should be feeling well, in their eyes? We want your thoughts in the comments section–Please!