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Carol gives lighthearted suggestions about telling others how your thyroid disease feels.

When asked, “Hey Crazy Thyroid Lady, what does it feel like to have a thyroid disease?” I usually just give a short answer, ya know, a taste of what it’s like, without going into too much detail…

I am very appreciative when they ask. However, it annoys me to no end, when they respond with things like: “Oh, I do that, too” OR “That sounds like me” OR “I feel the exact same way, sometimes!” 

I know, I know, it takes everything within your power not to slap the crap out of these folks. (Well, at least for me it does) However, DON’T DO IT!! It seems like they are belittling your pain, but just blow them off! Try to let it roll off your shoulders. It is their feeble attempt to show compassion by making light of the situation…besides, it would be awkward if they were to say the alternative: “God that’s awful, your life pretty much sucks!”

Now, if they REALLY do think they “feel your pain” and what thyroid disease really does feel like, tell them this:

book-crazy-thyroid-ladyThyroid disease feels like…

After you get up, take a shower, get dressed, do your hair, fix breakfast…then you would think to yourself, how great it would be and you’d give all the money you have in the world, for the chance to go back to bed, because those five tasks took every bit of energy you had.

Others will say – That’s how I feel, too…the difference is, we feel this way most, if not all of the time AND chances are if we did go back to bed we would be back to sleep in a matter of minutes and we wouldn’t stress about the things we should be doing. (and we’d asleep for hours)

Thyroid disease feels like

You walk into the grocery store and cannot remember why you came or what you came for.

Others will say – That is how I feel, too…the difference is, we may not remember the events leading up to how we even made it to the grocery store. (and hours later, question if we really made it)

Thyroid disease feels like …

You can sit through a company meeting and not comprehend one single thing that is going on. (with a smile on)

Others will say – That’s how I fee,l too…the difference is, We tried really hard, to pay attention and comprehend.

Thyroid disease feels like …

You drop something on the ground in public and would rather leave it because your body has been aching all day and you REALLY don’t want to deal with it, much less bend all the way down, to clean it up. 

Others will say – That’s how I feel, too…the difference is, you are moving too slow to get down and pick up the item off the floor, so an 80-year-old lady runs over to get it for you, instead.

About the Author

kickstarterprofile-carol-grayCarol Gray, a.k.a. the Crazy Thyroid Lady, suffered from autoimmune thyroid disease, being hypothyroid and having Graves’ disease, for more than twenty years. After realizing that society does not accommodate individuals with invisible illnesses, she armed herself with ways of coping and decided to share her managing methods in her first book Wow Your Mom Really is Crazy. Carol also writes a humorous blog about her hypothyroid disease and it can be found at her blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


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