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This Sunday, February 21st, marks our one year for Thyroid Nation Radio. But, it is much more than that. We are celebrating all the amazing and innovative guests with an abundance of thyroid knowledge have graced us with fantastic information, wonderful tidbits, tons of Flower Field Moments.

We wanted to create a special show highlighting a few of our favorite guests. Of course, all the shows are unique and full of thyroid tender loving care. And, there isn’t enough time to talk to them all. So, we compiled a list a four amazing brains.

Mary Shomon! Need we say more? Mary is the first, modern day thyroid advocate. She wrestled with many card catalogue’s in the beginning, before internet, to bring helpful information to the masses. She is the pioneer and is the reason most of us are able to advocate for ourselves. She has helped millions of people worldwide and if you think about it, what an amazing accomplishment. Check out all of her best-selling thyroid books, here. Additionally, Mary is hosting a fabulous ME-TIME weekend retreat March 3-6th, 2016 which will be full of life-changing presentations and events — ranging from fitness, to beauty, to hormonal health, to mind-body balance. I’m going, too! Join us.

Stacey Robbins. Wow, what an inspiration and an amazing friend. We’ve had several ‘vent’ sessions back and forth (autoimmune, life, kids, family) and I feel like I’m the one that comes out the better for it. Stacey is the “Real Deal”! At least that is my nickname for her. Want a friend to listen to the good, the bad and the ugly and not be judgmental? Need a person to hold your hand while dealing with horrible health news? Longing for someone who isn’t going to blow smoke up your butt, about anything? She’s your gal. She’s also an Integrated Wellness Coach and is going on tour in the USA, in a few weeks. She also a best-selling author of “You’re Not Crazy And You’re Not Alone”- Losing the Victim, Finding Your Sense of Humor and Learning to Love Yourself Through Hashimoto’s. If thatt weren’t enough, she is also the creator of a wonderful app called Bloom Beautiful app, available on iTunes. Get it today. Tiffany and I both have it. Read Stacey’s THYROID THRIVERS story…. The Real Deal “You’re Not Crazy & You’re Not Alone”. (We had our 1st Flower Field Moment in this show!)

Dr. Josh Redd, a gentleman with the bedside manner others should strive for! He is one of those doctors that listens to you and genuinely cares about his patients. We could feel it just listening to him and hearing his methods. Dr. Redd is highly trained and experienced in managing the care of patients with thyroid disorders, Hashimoto’s disease, and other autoimmune conditions. To identify and address the root cause of his patients’ challenging immune, endocrine, and neurological disorders, Dr. Redd uses evidence-based functional medicine techniques that allow him to help his patients achieve and maintain optimal health. By working in conjunction with his patients’ primary care physicians and endocrinologists, Dr. Redd is able to help domestic and international patients alike who come to RedRiver Health and Wellness Center seeking help and guidance.

Dr. Jill Carnahan is so qualified it is scary-amazing. She has seen her own share of health and thyroid issues and that gives her a unique perspective as a doctor. We had so many flower field moments on the show, that Tiffany and I could’ve just sat and listened as she talked. What a beautiful soul. We are so grateful that she shared her never-ending knowledge in easy-to-follow language. Dr. Carnahan uses functional medicine to help you find answers to the cause of your illness and addresses the biochemical imbalances that may be making you feel ill. She’ll help you search for underlying triggers contributing to your illness through cutting edge lab testing and tailor the intervention to your specific needs as an individual.

Thank you to all the listeners who have supported Thyroid Nation Radio along the way. We couldn’t have done it without you. We also want to thank a few gals that helped us start Thyroid Nation Radio, their commitment and dedication helped make the show what it is. Con mucho gusto…. Raina Kranz-Kaplan (who has co-hosted several shows and is a contributing writer), Melissa Phipps (she has co-hosted 2 excellent shows and is on her way to becoming an integrative doctor herself), Sarah, Downing (helped me mastermind some guests and even co-hosted a few), Blythe Clifford (she is THE Thyroid Mom and always lends an ear when we need) and Penny Jensen whose generosity and kindness always left us feeling supported. (a quick shout out to Sebastian Kern, too, as he is a SUPER fan!)

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About the Author

danna-bowman-thyroid-nation-profile-1Danna Bowman is the founder of Thyroid Nation. She developed Hashimoto’s after years of unknowingly suffering with hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue a real-life roller coaster. Hypothyroidism runs in her family but it was never discussed, unfortunately. Her husband, 2 kids and her, picked up and moved, sight unseen, from Texas to Costa Rica in 2008. She was accurately diagnosed, however, they only offer Levothyroxine or Thyroidectomy as a solution for the disease. After a year of suffering, she turned to the internet. She found a doctor in Arizona that would consult with her and send Natural Dessicated Thyroid to her. After learning and realizing the misinformation and lack of information in Costa Rica and worldwide, she founded the website to help educate others. In 2015, she launched Thyroid Nation RADIO, a weekly thyroid and health, LIVE radio show with her co-host,Tiffany Mladinich.

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