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Tens of millions worldwide have some form of thyroid dysfunction, and 60% don’t know they have it or how it occurred. Are you one of them? Did you know that dry, brittle hair, hair loss, TMJ, Constipation and depression are just a few symptoms? Check out many more symptoms you might not know about. The Thyroid Connection Summit is online and FREE from October 24-31, 2016. Overcome thyroid dysfunction to help reclaim your health and vitality!

It’s really an epidemic and a perfect storm happening right now with…and we’ll dig deeper into this with the toxins, but also with all the haloids that displace iodine in the thyroid, I think that we’re really in this perfect storm right now. And it genuinely is an epidemic. ~ Dr. Amy Myers, The Thyroid Connection

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amy-myers-mdYour host, Amy Myers, MD, created this event because conventional medicine failed her in her journey with thyroid dysfunction. It’s now her mission to help make sure it doesn’t fail you! Join us if you have Graves’, Hashimoto’s, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, cancer, nodules, cysts, I-131 radiation or are post-thyroidectomy. Or, if your doctor is says your labs are normal, yet you still have symptoms–this free, online summit is for you! thy16_fb_ad-2

The Thyroid Connection Summit will help you:

  • Work with your doctor to get the right diagnosis/treatment
  • Address the root causes of thyroid dysfunction
  • Implement healthy dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Reclaim your health and vitality
  • And more!

Ever heard of MTHFR and the thyroid connection?

If you have MTHFR positive and you do not eat your leafy greens, preferably organic or homegrown, then your ability to support methylation goes down dramatically. And if you can’t support methylation, then your ability to get things out of your system, like arsenic, and then produce things like glutathione go down. And glutathione is the body’s number one primary antioxidant, as you very well know and you’ve written about, I’m sure. It is extremely important. And glutathione is very important for the thyroid. ~ Dr. Ben Lynch, Thyroid Connection Summit

The Thyroid Connection Summit will give you the tools to change your diet, reduce your toxic burden, overcome infections and make stress relief a daily habit–knowledge that could empower you to regain control of your health and happiness in life. Have you wondered how sugar can impact your health and your thyroid?

 connectionsummitad300x300The reason you have to look at sugar differently is there’s obviously a difference between a rainbow of fruit and a rainbow of Skittles. So you have to look at not only what the big glycemic load is, how much is this raising your blood sugar and insulin, you also have to look at fructose. But you offset that with fiber and nutrient density. That’s why an apple is very different than apple juice. Or a raisin is very different than, say, fresh grapes. In the case of dried fruit, you’ve just concentrated that sugar and turned it into candy. In the case of juice you’ve just pulled out the fiber, had a big load of it, and turned it into a soda. So we’ve got to look at all of those factors. ~ JJ Virgin, Thyroid Connection Summit

Do you suffer with Graves disease or hyperthyroidism and still aren’t feeling better despite treatment?

With Hashimoto’s, you might get constipation. Graves’ disease, even though some people with Graves’ are constipated, a lot of times you get the loose stools, sometimes even diarrhea, depending on the condition. And the elevated thyroid hormone levels could sometimes cause insomnia, problem sleeping, which of course people with Hashimoto’s also experience insomnia, as well. But the classic symptoms typically are the weight loss, increased appetite, the tremors, increased heart rate, palpitations, loose stool, hair loss is pretty common with Graves’ disease. And I know with Hashimoto’s, a lot of people with Hashimoto’s as well experience the hair loss. Energy levels vary. With Hashimoto’s, you typically see the lower energy levels, more fatigue related. ~ Dr. Eric Osansky, Thyroid Connection Summit

Want to understand your labs, be able to work with your doctor and address the ‘root cause’ of your thyroid dysfunction?

“We know that Hashimoto’s or autoimmune thyroiditis is the most common autoimmune condition globally, certainly a very common condition in Western cultures in women especially. And I want to just make the case that we’ve got to stop looking at the thyroid in order to try to understand what’s going on with that issue. We’ve got to take a step back and say, ‘What is it that’s underlying this disregulation of the immune system?’ And it’s the gut that’s governing this.” ~ Dr. David Perlmutter, Thyroid Connection Summit

Have you had any issues getting pregnant or had a miscarriage?

I had no idea my thyroid gland could take the life of a child. When I was pregnant with hypothyroidism, I was being treated by New York City doctors that had awards on their walls. And I never questioned that they wouldn’t know what to do for hypothyroidism during my pregnancy. I became so ill with symptoms that were raging with a TSH close to 10, being told at that time that everything was fine. Me not knowing and not having done research, I just trusted they knew what they were doing. When I lost my child, I had an instinct something wasn’t right. I had to do some research. ~ Dana Trentini, Thyroid Connection Summit

Ever wondered if your thyroid is connected to diabetes?

We see about a third of people with diagnosed diabetes, either type 1 or type 2, will also have some thyroid dysfunction or disorder. So it’s very common. And probably even higher than that because you know how many missed cases of thyroid there are. They’re sub-laboratory or sub-clinical hypothyroidism all over the place. So we look a lot closer when we do lab work. And we see a lot of our clients do have thyroid problems that they didn’t even know about before we ran the test. So I think the numbers are even higher than that. There’s a lot of connections there. ~ Dr. Brian Mowll, Thyroid Connection Summit

It’s not just about feeling better; it’s about learning how to take ownership of your physical and emotional wellness. Tens of millions of people worldwide have some form of thyroid dysfunction (including but not limited to Hashimoto’s, Grave’s, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, cancer, nodules, cysts, I-131 radiation or are post-thyroidectomy issues). At least 60% don’t know they have it or how it occurred. That needs to change!

People are all or none, black or white, when there are shades of grays in life. So what I’m trying to say, in other words, the principle of personalized medicine, that, once again, goes back to the premises of complementary and personal medicine, that we are not diseases. We’re human beings affected by these diseases. And somebody with Hashimoto’s that is being developed in one way can be very different from somebody else’s Hashimoto’s that is developed in a different way. And the way to approach the two patients and the two subjects, it can be totally different, even if they are affected by the same disease. ~ Dr. Alessio Fasano, Thyroid Connection Summit

The Thyroid Connection summit is for anyone, diagnosed or not, who wants to reclaim their health and vitality. FREE, and online here, starting Monday, October 24th!

Created to help people from all walks of life overcome thyroid dysfunction, the Thyroid Connection summit will give you the tools to change your diet, reduce your toxic burden, overcome infections and make stress relief a daily habit–knowledge that could empower you to regain control of your health and happiness in life. Don’t want to wait? Get instant digital access to all 35 audio presentations with our experts, including PDF transcripts of all presentations and exclusive bonus gifts:

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danna-bowman-thyroid-nation-profile-1Danna Bowman is the founder of Thyroid Nation. She developed Hashimoto’s after years of unknowingly suffering with hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue. Hypothyroidism runs in her family but it was never discussed, unfortunately. Her husband, 2 kids and her, picked up and moved, sight unseen, from Texas to Costa Rica in 2008. She was accurately diagnosed; however, they only offered Levothyroxine or a Thyroidectomy as a solution for the disease. After a year of suffering, she turned to the internet. She found a doctor in Arizona that would consult with her and send Natural Dessicated Thyroid to her. After learning and realizing the misinformation and lack of information in Costa Rica and worldwide, she founded the website to help educate others. In 2015, she launched Thyroid Nation RADIO, a weekly thyroid and health, LIVE radio show with her co-host, Tiffany Mladinich. Follow Thyroid Nation on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, Youtube and Instagram.

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