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Nutrients For Thyroid Health

I set out to make this post as a reference but as I kept going, I realized how CRAZY it can be to supplement just one nutrient.

You can create so many different imbalances with just one isolated mineral or vitamin.

It reminds me of that “Pharma” shirt meme that goes around: ‘I take this drug for this illness, and I take that drug for the side effects of the first drug.” Isolating nutrients is very allopathic in my eyes, especially when most people have around a dozen deficiencies and imbalances.

You can find the full lists and “wheels” of these nutrients on the Trace Elements link here. There are relationships between minerals, vitamins, hormones, and more. It is fascinating, but at the same time I don’t think we realize the damage we can do by pulling these nutrients apart. This link is especially helpful.

Do YOU supplement vitamins and minerals for your thyroid health? Make sure to always get proper testing.

Below is a list of minerals, vitamins and proteins that are important for a well-balanced body and what they do.


Boron: Aids in calcium and vitamin D metabolism, helps magnesium absorption;

Copper: lowers zinc, selenium; synergistic with manganese, iron; lowered by zinc, sulphur, molybdenum (copper and molybdenum are synergistic together, antagonistic seperately); cadmium, silver, and mercury lower copper; relationship with estrogen; copper dysregulation severely interferes with proper thyroid health- we need bio-available copper to stimulate the thyroid, as well as control blood calcium, and copper protects the body from getting too much thyroxine in the blood.

Calcium: lowers magnesium and potassium; synergistic with phosphorus; lowers manganese; antagonists with lead

Iodine: Florine, bromine, and chlorine lower iodine; mercury and cobalt lowers it; has a relationship with copper and selenium, as well as magnesium; needed for both T3 and T4 production for thyroid health

Magnesium: lowers sodium, potassium, and calcium; lowers manganese; has a balance with calcium, potassium, and sodium; needed to balance calcium which is important to keep both the calcitonin and parathyroid hormones in check

Manganese: lowers copper, antagonist to magnesium; needed for thyroid hormone production

Molybdenum: aids in iron metabolism, lowers copper

Phosphorus: antagonists with manganese; synergistic with calcium

Potassium: lowers calcium; synergistic with sodium; needed to keep calcium under control- too much calcium can build up in organs including the thyroid

Selenium: antagonistic with mercury and arsenic; Sulphur lowers selenium

Silica: lowers aluminum and lead; synergistic with molybdenum and calcium; mercury lowers silica

Sodium: synergistic with potassium; has a balance with magnesium and potassium

Sulphur: lowers copper, selenium; synergistic with silica, molybdenum

Zinc: lowers copper, manganese; lowered by copper, calcium, iron; relationship with aldosterone, cortisol, testosterone, progesterone;

Vitamins and Proteins:

Vitamin Ahelps retain potassium, lowers calcium; synergistic with zinc; needed for production of the T3 hormone

Vitamin C, as ascorbic acid: antagonists to copper and ceruloplasmin; synergistic with iron (hence, iron overload!)

Vitamin C, as whole food: helps raise ceruloplasmin and makes copper bioavailable (we NEED bioavailable copper for thyroid and adrenal health!)

Vitamin D: makes calcium more absorbable, lowers vitamin A, lowers potassium and magnesium

Ceruloplasmin: lowered by vitamin D, calcium, iron; raised with vitamin A and whole food vitamin C

Did you know that vitamin A, manganese, iodine, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin C are all critical for thyroid health?

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