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Ever wonder why your thyroid is compromised? How did it happen? Was it an isolated event or did something happen to cause it to be overactive or underactive? Are you ever tongue-tied or at a loss for words? How does this relate?

Dr. Sachin Patel, founder of TheLivingProofInstitute.com will be sharing his 6 pillars of healthy  BODY   function. How the thyroid gland’s function is directly related to the overall health of your body.

  1. Mitochondria
  2. Detox
  3. Brain Health
  4. Stress
  5. Diet & Digestion
  6. Lifestyle & Environment

Thyroid disease does not occur in isolation to others. You body is a well-designed machine. It was built to be healthy. Why do we get stuck in the mindset that we are our disease?  Why is a diagnosis for a chronic disease killing most people? Dr. Patel will be discussing the emotional ties to thyroid and hormone health with us on the air. Join us!

About the Author

danna-bowman-thyroid-nation-profile-1Danna Bowman is the founder of Thyroid Nation. She developed Hashimoto’s after years of unknowinly suffering with hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue for many years. Hypothyroidism runs in her family but it was never discussed, unfortunately. Her husband, 2 kids and her, picked up and moved, sight unseen, from Texas to Costa Rica in 2008. She was accurately diagnosed, however, they only offer Levothyroxine or Thyroidectomy as a solution for the disease. After a year of suffering, she turned to the internet. She found a doctor in Arizona that would consult with her and send Natural Dessicated Thyroid. After learning and realizing the misinformation and lack of information in Costa Rica and worldwide, she founded the website to help educate others. In 2015, she launched TN RADIO, a weekly thyroid and health, LIVE radio show with her co-host, Tiffany Mladinich.

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