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Everything your doctor didn’t tell you about thyroid problems.

For anyone on the thyroid roller coaster of doubt and despair, a statement like this can really get your attention.


It got mine!

Sean Croxton, a.k.a JERF (Just Eat Real Food) author of The Dark Side of Fat Loss and host of Underground Wellness Radio, has assembled an amazing team of functional, medical, naturopaths, nutritionists, and health experts to show us all how to regain our energy, lose excess body fat, and heal our thyroid NATURALLY. Our lives and our thyroids can function more proficiently through eating real food, making lifestyle changes, and getting the lab tests we need. Amen!  Sean and his team will give us specific directions on HOW just to implement this plan, helping heal our thyroid. We will learn about what’s really going on with our thyroid, and how to fix it.  A FREE event with so much to offer? Does that ever happen? This is crazy-exciting for those of us suffering and I cannot wait.

This summit is stacked with awesome guest speakers discussing everything from thyroid basics to hormones to juggling hypothyroidism as a mom and more! Some of my favorites, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Suzy Cohen, RPh, Izabella Wentz, PharmDChris Kresser, L.AC. and Dr. David Brownstein.

The program is loaded with great info and bonuses. This FREE series, will not be one to miss.

Calling ALL moms!

Support one of our own Thyroid Thrivers, Jen Wittman will be the featured guest speaker on managing motherhood and thyroid diseaseHow to be there for yourself, your kids and your spouse and how to help them understand what you’re going through. Click the image below or register here.

The frustration and misinformation surrounding thyroid problems needs to stop. An estimated 30 million people in the US and 200 million worldwide have a thyroid disorder — only half have been properly diagnosed. And even less are receiving proper treatment.

Unfortunately, the real answers are not offered by their medical practitioners and seldom covered by insurance. That’s why we traveled the country to interview a dozen of the leading functional medicine doctors, nutritionists, and real food chefs for a free online screening called The Thyroid Sessions. And you can register today to watch them for FREE!

Our panel of experts will uncover how to properly diagnose, treat, and reverse thyroid problems naturally — using doctor-prescribed drugs as a last resort.

Some of the things you’ll discover…

1. Why your thyroid scores are “normal”, but your symptoms are screaming HYPOTHYROID! 

2. The iodine controversy: How to navigate the conflicting information about this critical nutrient.

3. The little-known connection between gluten consumption and autoimmune thyroid disorders.


Rich Travis is a staff writer for Living with his wife and 2 children, he has a front row seat to the devastation thyroid disease can cause and offers an in-depth, up close and personal view of his experience.  His wife of 17 years suffers from Hypothyroidism and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and Adrenal Fatigue in 2012. Seeking help, compassion and cures for those that suffer please follow him on TwitterTumblr and read more of his articles here.

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