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Dr. Susser shares how important it is to listen to symptoms and not just a lab test.

Does the ‘Real You’ Boil Down to Your Lab Test?

When diagnosing a condition, in this case, Hypo-Thyroid or low Thyroid function, as an example, many doctors, probably most doctors, only look at lab tests.  If the Thyroid Hormone is low; or the Thyroid-stimulating Hormone is high, they will call it Low Thyroid or Hypo-Thyroid.  But they will do this without speaking to the patient about what is going on with the patient’s condition.

When we measure Thyroid hormones, the typical good patten would be to measure three Thyroid Hormones:

  1. Thyroxine (T4) – T4 goes out into the bloodstream and loses one of its four iodines and becomes T3.
  2. T3 – T3 is a fast-acting and very active hormone. It goes into a cell and takes the oxygen and carbohydrate and sparks them like the spark plug in your car creates a gentle explosion.  And the T3 produces energy for your body with the oxygen and carbohydrate.
  3. TSH – This comes from the Pituitary gland in the brain.  The TSH stimulates the Thyroid Gland to product the T4.

You can measure all of these hormones.  Now, presumably, when the T4 or the T3 is low, you can say you have low Thyroid, or high Thyroid.  You can have PERFECTLY normal levels of T3, T4, or TSH and still have low or high Thyroid function.  Some imbalance in the Thyroid.

This means that our technology has not yet caught up with the kind of diseases we have.  Low Thyroid function is a very common condition and most people who have it, have what could be called “subclinical” that does not show up on the test, but it shows up in the function.

The message you can take from this, is you can go to your Doctor and ask for a therapeutic trial of Thyroid.

If you read up on these symptoms and see that this is accurate for you, then ask your doctor for a prescription for Thyroid hormone and asked to be monitored.

I hope this gives you an idea, that you can do many things without an “agreeing” lab test.  Your lab test may NOT agree with your clinical picture.

“It has to be true, it’s what the Lab results say.” I am here to say it does not have to be true.

You Are More Important Than Your Lab Test

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Dr-SusserDr. Murray Susser, M.D. DIPL -NHF Board of Governor member Dr. Murray “Buz” Susser has been in the forefront of the battle for medical freedom for a generation and now he is fighting his own personal battle against the orthodox medical authorities for his use of efficacious treatments.  An unusual doctor who is widely known for actually listening to his patients and treating them effectively, he is greatly sought after for his medical services by film stars and even his medical colleagues who have not been helped elsewhere. Be sure to check out his website, Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google+.  Please read his profile and more about his amazing life, here.

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