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Read below for Raina’s Hashimoto’s autoimmune and adrenal healing, supplementation protocol. 


This is what I suggest for the basic supplement regime. This is not meant to be something you just follow without researching your own personal issues and checking all supplements against all your medications for any negative interactions and/or checking with your healthcare provider.

There are 7 basic layers in managing Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid Disease:

1)    Healing your Gut

2)    Reducing inflammation

3)    Increasing stomach acid

4)    Helping conversion of T4 to T3

5)    Reducing antibodies

6)    Absorbing nutrients

7)    Healing from adrenal fatigue


Louise-Diet-Book-Thyroid-Nation-AdNone of which can happen without starting with Healing your gut.

  • L-Glutamine 5g per day (5,000mg per day) this needs to be two divided doses and must be taken on an empty stomach. This will allow the L- Glutamine to penetrate the intestinal lining. This is a perfect time to take your probiotics as they too will have the ability to penetrate the intestinal lining without stomach acid getting in the way.
  • Gluten-Free. Now not everyone needs to go gluten free, but if you have an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s this is important 2 fold; it will help heal the intestinal lining and reduce inflammation.
  • Reducing Inflammation through food and beverage elimination is easy for Google inflammatory foods and you will have a vast list of foods that create inflammation in the body. Google anti-inflammatory foods and you will a huge list of food to add or increase in your diet.
  • Supplements for reducing inflammation: Omega 3’s (EPA only) there are two chemicals in Omega 3 fish oils and they do different things to the body. Since, with Hashimoto’s elevated cholesterol and triglycerides are common supplementing with Fish oil that has a much higher ratio of EPA to DHA would be wise. EPA will lower total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL…and with some will increase HDL. The DHA will elevate total cholesterol, increase LDL and Triglycerides. Some research suggests that the elevation from the DHA is actually increasing the particle size of the Cholesterol, which would be a good thing. Unfortunately, the test for that is very expensive is usually never covered by insurance. Doctors see the increase in labs and want to prescribe statins. If the Berkley heart test was given routinely we could see if the increase is actually particle size. So, safe rather than sorry. Another benefit of the much higher ratio of EPA is on mood. It helps with anxiety, panic, and depression.  A good ratio would be 1000mg of EPA to 120mg of DHA or EPA only and no DHA at all. (Best time to take omega 3’s is with a meal.)
  • Omega 7’s (anchovy or sea buckhorn oil) Omega 7’s help lower cholesterol and lower blood glucose. Make sure this is in the purified form. The dose is 210mg one time a day with food also.
  • Increasing stomach acid this is for digesting food, especially proteins. Since we have low stomach acid it is important that we thoroughly digest our proteins. When we do not ….the undigested protein remains in the intestines and bad bacteria start to grow…this will cause numerous issues. Betaine with pepsin is an acid that breaks down protein and helps us assimilate it. This usually comes in a 650mg pill, but each of us will have to figure out how many pills will be needed per meal…some will need 2 pills per meal and some many more. The larger the amount of protein to be consumed the more pills may be needed. Red meat vs chicken may also require more pills. You do not need Betaine with pepsin for meals containing only carbohydrates (like with fruit or salads).
  • Antibodies and T4 to T3 conversion. Selenium 200mcg per day only in the selenomethionine form. It is best to take this vitamin C to help it absorb better. These should be taken with a meal.
  • Absorbing Nutrients is very important. This is where you are going to get your energy from other than getting your thyroid levels optimal for you.  Nutritional deficiencies are common with Hashimoto’s and many with thyroid disease. Due to absorption, digestion, inflammation and bad bacteria issues in the gut. Once you have addressed all of the steps above..It will take some time for the nutrients to begin absorbing. You can take all the vitamins you want and unless you heal the gut and reduce inflammation you will not be able to absorb vital nutrients from food or supplements.
  • Vitamin D3 and magnesium Glycinate these two should be taken together and best with food. Vitamin D3 is commonly low with those with Hashimoto’s and thyroid disease. The D3 is also great for depression. The dose for Vitamin D3 is dependent on your labs. The test reference range is 30 -100 (60-80 being optimal) the glycinate form of magnesium is the best quality for absorption. The malate form is best for muscle pain. They do make magnesium with both glycinate and malate together.
  • Healing the adrenals. In my opinion, this is the biggest overlooked issue when trying to feel better. Most people are depending on the thyroid replacement to help with all their symptoms, this is where the frustration and disappointment sets in. If you have dealing with hypothyroid symptoms for any length of time, I can assure you that your body is so fatigued from trying to function with diminished thyroid hormone. You are exhausted! What you should be focusing on the first 6-12 weeks of starting thyroid hormone replacement is all of the above and RESTING.  Not exercising, dieting or trying to overdo.  This is the time to allow your body to heal and adjust to the medication. I like to call it doing an overall adrenal reset!

You don’t need any pill for this or supplement to fix your cortisol levels…you just need to merely allow your body to recover. It can be as simple as surrendering to this and in 6-12 weeks you will feel and notice a big difference. This will allow your body and your thyroid to use the medication efficiently…instead of pushing and stressing yourself making it difficult for the thyroid to use the thyroid hormones to heal your body. The reason most of us are in adrenal fatigue is because we ended up there in the first place due to becoming hypothyroid. The amount of time you are actually in this state and untreated the more adrenal fatigue one will be experiencing. If you do not allow for an adrenal reset..You will not feel better on any thyroid replacement.

This is a process and this is the information that people are paying big bucks for, with Functional medicine Dr’s.  Get empowered and use this information.

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