Melissa Baggett , Thyroid Thrivers
Thyroid Nation

29 years old
Oklahoma, USA
Diagnosed in 2009

Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease, is a BITCH!

In 2009, I was pregnant with my son. At  21 weeks, I started bleeding, out of nowhere! I had a two hour drive to the hospital. just for them to tell me it was caused by sex with my husband! That was their unofficial diagnosis. Finally, they brought in an ultrasound technician. After getting the results, it said that I had a placental abruption!

michellebNot surprisingly, the emergency room doctor apologized, profusely. Sadly, at this point, he also said that it was likely I’d lose my son, due to this. 18 weeks of complete boredom and bedrest, was my prescription, from that point on.

Gratefully, I delivered a wonderful, healthy son at 39 weeks, with no thanks to my undiagnosed thyroid problems.

Later, I was running errands and doing the normal ‘mommy’ things, grocery shopping, buying clothes etc. I was so exhausted, but I had no idea just HOW tired I was, until I walked through the door and collapsed. It was scary, for sure. Again, another lovely trip the emergency room. Many tests later, it was discovered that, ‘low and behold, I had a thyroid problem. Hashimoto’s, as I would later find out. The magic and gold standard answer was a prescription for Levothyroxine.

SuzyCohenBookSuffering for almost two years on this medication, was not my idea of a solution to my thyroid and health issues. I was getting worse. Deciding to go to a specialist, an actual endocrinologist, was my next move. This doctor then told me that I had Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. Scarily, he also mentioned that my thyroid was to blame for almost losing my amazing son. Thyroid disease, the reason for my placenta abruption?  If I’d have known then, what I know now……geez! Not to mention, all my other crazy and unexplainable symptoms. I finally realized that the ‘pill’ was not the end-all-be-all, take it and you will feel better, plan of action, it was cracked up to be. But, they increased my medicine dosage and sent me on my way.

Throughout the years, I just didn’t feel any better. Yes, I had a diagnosis, but I didn’t really understand it. Plus, I didn’t even question the fact that maybe, there were other medications for my thyroid issues. Not thinking that the one I was taking, might not be working or be the best fit for me. Other options? What other options?

Tired, sluggish, irritated…. I just wanted to be put out of my misery.

zooboundOne day, a day that would later turn out to be a turning point ‘day’, I decided that my weight gain was too much for me to handle and I made an appointment to see a weight loss doctor in Oklahoma City. This was obviously NOT their first rodeo as they had me taking a natural desiccated thyroid pill, Westhroid, almost before I left the office.

This was amazing. I felt like a totally different human being. Who would have thought I would have found out so many answers to my thyroid issues, at a weight loss center? I could definitely tell I was on the right path after that.

I still have my days where I hurt, feel depressed and cry for no reason, at all. Surely, I’m not alone in that?! 🙂 Sometimes, I’m so deflated and exhausted that if a tornado came billowing down the street, I’d be like Dorothy and sleep right through it. However, since that day in Oklahoma City, I have  more days that I am ready to take on  the world and nothing can stop me.

TLCBanner-ClickI hate having hashimoto’s thyroid disease. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. But, there is hope and there is a light at the end of the tunnel..it just might not be as bright as we had expected it to be 🙂 Keep on Thriving, Thyroid Nation Thrivers!

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