Shemane Nugent,
Thyroid Nation


Shemane shares her tips for eliminating toxins in your home.


After being exposed to toxic mold poisoning, I became chemically sensitive. Four types of mold infiltrated my bloodstream. With alternative remedies such as oxygen therapy, infrared sauna, vitamin IV, and eliminating chemical cleaners, I became super detoxified, which is good but also challenging. Strong chemical scents now make me physically ill. During my recovery, I couldn’t go into a mall, a grocery store, or even my son’s school.  

While multiple chemical sensitivity is a controversial topic among physicians, I can tell you that it’s a very real diagnosis for my husband and me. Chemically scented candles give us headaches. That “new car” smell is actually the off-gassing of formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals used to treat materials for the carpet, dashboard, and seat covers. We use only paints with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs give us headaches and flu-like symptoms.

If you’ve recently moved into a new home or office and developed allergies that won’t go away, you might be chemically sensitive or worse, have some level of toxic mold contamination in your building. Please get that checked by a certified mold remediator. 

We diffuse essential oils all throughout the day. I personally use Young Living Essential Oils, but there are many others. They can clear your stuffy nose, prevent colds, enhance your mood, and help you sleep. Use them for cleaning, too! Here are some quick and easy alternatives to chemical-laden cleaners, toxins and products.

  • Swap chemically infused candles for soy candles with essential oils.
  • Use cleaners with natural and fragrance-free ingredients.
  • Use baking soda to clean and deodorize.
  • Use vinegar to degrease and clean windows.
  • Use lemon in your cleaning products and to remove water stains.
  • Exchange chemical-laden make-up for ones with less additives.
  • Buy organic fruits and vegetables when you can.

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Eliminate deadly toxins in your life today!