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45 years old
Maine, USA
Diagnosed in 2014


My PCP just wanted to add more medication to my ever-growing list and I did not want to live my life taking more and more pills, to manage my Hashimoto’s.


I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2013 because of a very high TSH result, at my yearly physical. Immediately, my private care physician put me on a very low dose of Synthroid. Prior to this, the previous year had been extremely difficult. No matter what I did, I could not lose weight. I had no energy, I was not sleeping well, I was having thoughts in my head that I can’t even type out, my hair was dry and falling out, my scalp itchy and I had so many emotional mood swings. What was going on with me? I truly didn’t know. My PCP just wanted to add more medication to my ever-growing list and I did not want to live my life taking more and more pills, to manage my Hashimoto’s. (as I would later learn)

You're-Not-CrazyEvery 5 weeks, I would have my levels checked (she only tested my TSH and kept upping my dosage based on the number/results- does that sound familiar?). Telling her I wasn’t feeling better, but maybe worse, didn’t seem to help, either. It was extremely frustrating. Not to mention, this made me feel like I was crazy. Was this only happening to me? Would I ever regain my strength and motivation? Would I feel better, be healthy or  lose weight ever again? These became daily questions and part of my overall struggle to try and beat this thyroid autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s.

Eventually, I decided to take matters into my own hand. I started a nutritional program that included Isagenix products. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Miraculously, my symptoms seemed to be getting better and better. I told my doctor that I felt my nutritional program was helping me more than the Synthroid. She dismissed my comments. To prove this to her, I went off my program for 30 days. At my next appointment, my blood work results were not good. My doctor, not hearing me, wanted to increase my dose again. My numbers were off, I felt, because I wasn’t taking  my vitamin and mineral supply of nutritional supplements, as the blood test  numbers were obviously reflecting. I explained that symptoms were returning, trying to get her to ‘hear’ me. Incredulously,  she wanted to put me on anti depression medication. Infuriated and frustrated, I asked to see a specialist.

After seeing an Endocrinologist, I was finally given the true diagnosis of  Hashimotos. 

Thankfully, my new doctor started me on T3 medications and I can tell I am doing better. Additionally,  I am continuing to be successful with my nutritional program. The T3 together with my Isagenix Nutritional program, is what I michelle-cruisecontribute my overall sense of well being too. I am definitely on the road to recovery. Losing 45 pounds has given me a new and more positive outlook, It’s amazing to me that I have my energy back. My awful symptoms seem to be fading away and I am improving day by day

It is such a great feeling that I played a role in my own healing. I took charge of my health. I cannot describe the emotions and feeling of elation that comes along with that. It is empowering. One thing I CAN do; however, is share my successes with others. It’s amazing that once you have been through something as awful and completely debilitating as Hashimoto’s, you want to spread your new-found knowledge with everyone you meet. (sometimes they aren’t as excited as you are, but that is only because they did not walk in our shoes) I want everyone to feel healthy and empowered. Sharing my success story is the best way I know how. 

I have created an Isagenix team, that I help coach, about my wellness program. Great results and wonderful triumphant stories are pouring in daily. I had something to do with that and it is such a rewarding feeling. I have turned my frown upside down and started helping others along the way. Offering coaching on clean food eating, introducing and incorporating a shake and detoxing liver cleanse (that is amazing) are all tools I use to help others. Once you join my team, you get michelle-before-afterinvited into a private facebook group where you have access to a certified nutritionist, a few personal trainers and a psychotherapist, who helps with emotional eating. The team support is so beneficial and is one of my favorite parts of the healing program. It makes me want to yell it from the rooftops, “I did it and so can you!” Check out my website, if you so desire, so I can assist you, too!Join Michelle at her Facebook group, Beating Hashimoto’s*Isagenix is not a cure…but it allows the body to get back into balance It allows the body to go to work on healing itself.. the body is a miracle when given the right minerals

I am a warrior and a THRIVER. Evidently, I was given this autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s, so that I could overcome and thrive while helping others do the same.

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