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Thyroid Thrivers are survivors! We are also warriors, pathfinders, and healers. Although we come from every walk of life, we are utterly and completely united here at Thyroid Nation, for one purpose: To present a solid front in the fight against this misunderstood and often poorly diagnosed disease. Click on the pictures below- to see the stories of family, friends and neighbors who are walking in your shoes right now. No story is the same because no two struggles are the same. Some of us are struggling to find enough energy to get out of bed in the morning, others are battling full-on thyroid cancer. Our stories live here, shared in our own words . . . offered in the laurahope of helping one another!

Your Voice is Heard, Thyroid Thrivers, Read all the stories here

To this day, I can’t reconcile that naive, trusting person I was, who took him at his word, with the person I used to be and the person I am again. ~ Lorraine Cleaver
I recall my gynecologist looking at me incredulously.  She said, “being in your twenties and having hair loss isn’t normal”.  ~ Blythe Clifford
thyroid-thrivers-jen-wittman-thyroid-nationI started to dread the word NORMAL. ~ Jen Wittman
I learned to except certain challenges that I will face in my life and how to let other things—things that are out of my control—go! ~ Sarah Claus
Maybe my lethargy was due to my age, I thought, since no blood tests were coming back to really indicate anything else? ~ Catherine Hall