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The Small Win With Hashimoto’s

This morning I did a 15-minute barre workout that wore me out. I started to complain to my husband that I used to be able to do so much more. Then I remember that yesterday I couldn’t even do 15 min. Last week I was in the midst of a Hashimoto’s flare-up and unable to do much of anything. Getting through the day took all of my strength. So today I take a breath and acknowledge the small win.

The small win is that moment of progress, that small success. Too often we only think of the BIG wins: the Super Bowls, the cures, the employee of the year wins. These things are great, but they rare and focusing only on them can lead to a feeling of failure or depression. Even celebrations such as birthdays and holidays come only once a year. Life is full of small moments that can be celebrated every day.

Perhaps, like me, your small win for today was that you moved for a few minutes. Perhaps you took the first steps in removing harmful foods from your diet or drank an extra cup of water today. These are reasons to pat ourselves on the back. We made a positive step in our health and in our lives.

We Can Find Them Everywhere

We can find these small wins everywhere. Writing in my gratitude journal is a win for me. It also reminds me of all the small moments of the day that I can celebrate: a hug from my child, sunshine after weeks of rain, a powerful sermon at church, or a compliment from my husband. Focusing on these things helps me stay positive, especially when my health is not what I would like it to be. And taking the time to do so, is a win for my mental health. Yay!

Perhaps, like me, your small win for today was that you moved for a few minutes. Click To Tweet

An article in the Harvard Business Review explains that,” small wins can boost inner work life tremendously.” They went on to say that small steps forward, “evoked outsize positive reactions.” In other words, a small win can have drastic positive effects on our happiness and motivation.

Mark Sisson, of Mark’s Daily Apple, explains how this applies to health. “The power we absorb from each small win will always be more substantial than the original event.

Progress takes on a life of it’s own – like motivation gone viral within our brain.

By recognizing and celebrating each small win, we are exponentially increasing our likelihood of having more. These small wins add up and become big wins, such as a reclaiming of our health.  What small wins can you celebrate today, and which ones will you strive for tomorrow?

For myself, I am going to make a walking date with a friend, hug my kids, and remind myself that I am doing pretty great today.  

Here Are Some Other Ideas To Get You Started:

  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water
  • Take a walk
  • Stretch or do yoga
  • Read something inspirational or educational
  • Take gluten out of your diet – start with today and take each as it comes
  • Spend time with your family outside
  • Have a dance party with your kids
Last week I was in the midst of a Hashimoto’s flare-up and unable to do much of anything. Getting through... Click To Tweet

Each one of these is a positive step for the mind and body. Will you join me in creating and celebrating the small wins?

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