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Are you curious about essential oils for skincare and overall health support? Tiffany, a 10-year aromatherapy veteran, explains some simple tips for using essential oils for your thyroid and skin and things to consider.

Thyroid Essential Oils – An Essential Oil Q & A

Essential oils have been used to relieve symptoms that many thyroid sufferers encounter during their daily struggles. Essential oils do have powerful healing qualities, but must also be handled with care. Far too often, people and websites tout the benefits and profit from the new-found popularity of these oils without offering any instructions or guidelines as to their proper use. That’s why Thyroid Nation asked Tiffany Mladinich of (and Co-Founder of TNE), an experienced essential oils and aromatherapy guru, to help shed some much-needed light on the nature of essential oils and how they can HELP and even hurt those who use them seeking relief from thyroid symptoms.

Hi Tiffany! Essential oils seem to be everywhere, every time I turn around. It’s such a hot trend right now, with lots of people jumping on the bandwagon. I have to admit a few months ago I’d never heard of Frankincense. I was thinking maybe it was Frankensteins’ little brother.

In all seriousness, though, for the most part, the high demand for essential oils is a good thing, right? It demonstrates that people are looking more at natural forms of healing and caring for their overall health and wellbeing rather than relying or trusting Big Pharm.

Of course, essential oils are nothing new to you, Tiffany. Having researched and formulated essential oils and blends for over a decade, it must be nice to finally see them getting their time in the mainstream spotlight?



Yes, it sure is! It’s also somewhat scary and concerning, too, as there is so much misinformation on safety and usage floating around. And LOTS of myths (ie. Frankincense essential oils and cancer, etc). Knowing and trusting your resources for education are critical…

My philosophy on essential oils has always been to research the pros and cons REGARDLESS of what anyone else says…after all, none of these people are going to be accompanying you to the ER if something goes awry. (just sayin’).

Below is a basic list of things I consider and implement when it comes to formulating and creating essential oils and blends for my clients.

7 Considerations When Using Essential Oils

  1. Quality of essential oil being utilized
  2. Chemical composition of the oil
  3. Method of application
  4. Dosage/dilution to be applied
  5. Integrity of skin
  6. Age of client
  7. Frequency of application

2) Can you share a little about your profession and how essential oils play a role?

I consult as a medical liaison fusing mainstream and supportive aromatic medicine. I also formulate preservative – synthetic – paraben-free beauty and skincare products. This has been an evolving journey and continues to be….I just try to listen to what the Universe is requiring from me at the time. Using Thyroid Nation Essentials as an example, being able to formulate healthy skincare with essential oils specifically to support the symptoms and challenges that thyroid sufferers have is a key benefit of my profession. Essential oils can play a very supportive role in easing symptoms of many chronic illnesses sufferers.

3) Why are essential oils so important for thyroid sufferers?

Essential oils can be so very helpful for many of the symptoms of thyroid disease. They can provide supportive and complementary care until an optimized thyroid function is achieved through whole body alignment (spiritual, physical, emotional). Plus, as a bonus, they are fabulous natural aromatics that can somewhat alter physiology as well. They can be terrific for anxiety, fatigue, concentration, fungal and digestive issues, and so many other issues….and for simply providing non-toxic, beneficial skincare, at the very least. For example, again using a Thyroid Nation Essentials product, I personally find Speak your Truth very helpful when I am a bit stressed or anxious. The essential oils that I chose for this product are meant to support challenges with immunity and thyroid.

TNE-Brain-Awake-Pinterest-Front4) Can you explain why all essential oils are not created equal. Quality/Purity/Organic?

Sure, there are many things that affect the quality of an essential oil:

  • Country of origin
  • Air
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Distillation practices
  • Health of the plant material distilled
  • Storage practices
  • Even altitude

Pure does not necessarily mean that the oil is the best quality for therapeutic uses. Quality is primarily determined by Country of Origin and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry. Sometimes wildcrafted will produce a better oil than organic, etc. Knowing and trusting your suppliers is critical.

To take that last question a bit further, are you concerned at all with the quality that some of the larger manufacturers of essential oils are producing?

Well I think there are larger companies that may have essential oils that are cheaper to purchase because the quality isn’t the ‘best’, but their product is less expensive, so that can be attractive. Sometimes (not always) price is reflective of quality. It may still be pure, but not as effective in say, a therapeutic use situation, where quality is imperative. Just to make a note though, price is NOT always a good way to gauge. I’ve seen expensive junk and less expensive good quality. This is why knowing the science (even a bit) and trusting your company of purchase are super important.

Here is a wonderful statement from the University of Minnesota:

While most essential oils are safe and free of adverse side effects when used properly, it is important for you to pay attention to dosage, purity, administration, and possible interactions with other medications you might be taking. You should also look for quality products, as there can be big differences between what a professional aromatherapist would use and what is sold in retail stores.

5) I know safety is a big concern of yours and there’s a lot of misinformation out there about essential oils. What are a couple of the biggest misconceptions surrounding essential oils that you would like to set straight?

Ooooh, great question. Below are a few common misconceptions of essential oils or simply EOS.

  1. That neat usage (undiluted) is more effective than diluted with a carrier and is ENTIRELY safe
  2. That ingestion is beneficial all the time and without concern
  3. That Frankincense essential oil cures cancer
  4. That ALL essential oils have NO rules for dilution, usage and safety
  5. That natural = safe
  6. That more is better
  7. That ALL essential oil usage is safe during chemotherapy

6) Can you share any stories close to your heart on how essential oils have impacted the lives of someone close to you or one of your clients?

Essential-Oil-Safety-Book-RTAbsolutely. I have a client that gets Herpes Simplex in the nasal canal, which can potentially move to the eye. With an application of a formula of essential oils diluted significantly in a carrier within several hours of the onset of sensation, it halts the development of the outbreak. The same applies to most with Shingles as well. I have many clients with severe scarring from acne that received significant improvement in the texture of their skin.

Commonly seen are benefits in muscle tension and localized nerve pain. Anxiety, panic attacks, localized pain and inflammation, depression and dry skin are often seen in thyroid patients. Essential oils can be very effective as complementary care in these situations.

Being able to individualize each formula is often a benefit with unique situations. ~Tiffany

For more information on essential oils safety, visit the AIA: The AIA is committed to ensuring public safety by providing reliable and current information through public education, qualified practitioner members, recognized schools and the AIA Research Committee.

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