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-24 years young
-Pennsylvania, USA
-Diagnosed in 2000

Thyroid Problems For As Long As She Can Remember. 

My thyroid journey sounds like so many others, except that I was really young when I was diagnosed. I received a diagnosis of hypothyroidism when I was just 10 years old. 10 years old! I noticed that my hair was falling out in clumps and not growing and growing like all of my friends’ hair was at that age. Not to mention, I was wanting to take naps right after school. This was definitely odd since everyone else was wanting to run around and play. But, not me!

Thyroid-Issues-Since-Age-10-Not-On-Levothyroxine-AnymoreImmediately, my pediatrician sent me to an Endocrinologist. This new doctor was completely floored when my results showed that my thyroid gland wasn’t functioning properly. My family was a bit in awe, as well. In hindsight, I even remember thinking he was almost cocky about his education and that we were lucky to have found him so soon, since he correctly diagnosed my thyroid issue. Especially, since I was so young. Hmmm….. I didn’t feel very lucky at the time.

Put on Levothyroxine

I was put on Levothyroxine. Doesn’t that sound like every other story? Why is that? Is there a monopoly on thyroid medication? 🙂 A small dosage at first, to start. Every 6 months after, I had to go get my blood tests done. Which was not fun at all. I remember that, for sure!

As I became a teenager and we moved to a different city, I had different doctors telling me other things. Not surprising now, it seems. They were all wanting to change my dosage, based on my levels. I don’t even remember specifically what blood test(s) they were using to determine what amount of thyroid replacement medicine I needed. Was it the standard TSH, only?

Weight Went Up As Levothyroxine Dosage Increased

What I did notice was the correlation to the fact that as the dosage went up, so did my weight. Most likely, to compensate for how hard my thyroid had to work. I was on Levothyroxine for 14 years. My younger years were needlessly spent with my weight, yo-yoing up and down. At the height of it all, my daily thyroid dosage was 200 mcg.

Thyroid-Issues-Since-Age-10-Not-On-Levothyroxine-AnymoreMost recently, my newest doctor told me my TSH level was at 39! He suggested that I increase my thyroid prescription to 220mcg a day. That was enough.

I said ‘NO WAY! I’ve had it! I also asked for him to please, just hear me out. I told him that I wanted to try Armour.

I mentioned that I had spent a lot of time doing my homework and researching and I learned that it had helped lots of others. I really wanted to try and see if it could work for me, as well.

Additionally, I asked for him to give me 1 month. If my results come back worse, then I would go back to my old thyroid meds and not say a thing about it. But not now. Now, I was older and wiser and stronger and I had a voice. I wanted to be heard. Surprisingly, I was. He put me on 90 mg Armour.

Drastic Drop In TSH Level After Switching From Levothyroxine To Armour

We tested 3 weeks later and my TSH levels were within a range of 3.74. Down from just under 40; was a huge improvement.

Thyroid-Issues-Since-Age-10-Not-On-Levothyroxine-AnymoreI’m so happy. I have a long way to go, but my life is starting to be normal again. I can even see it in my hair texture, my skin and my lack of puffiness. I haven’t lost any weight, at all, though. However, I also haven’t gone gluten free (and I am gluten sensitive). So, that will be next on my thyroid health journey.

I can see the difference a year has made, even though I’ve only been on Armour since May of 2014. The first picture was taken in August of 2013. The right picture was taken a few days ago. I’m almost 25 years old, so ladies, please don’t give up. You have a voice in your health! You can and will be heard. We are strong and we are united in our fight against thyroid disease and hypothyroidism.

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