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A wonderful, little “Must-See” thyroid movie about the epidemic and Hashimoto’s, by Donna-Lynne.

This raw, real, and artsy docu-drama, made by a Hashimoto’s patient, takes a moving look at thyroid disease from the patients’ perspective. Made with a modest budget, and countless volunteer hours, this informative and provocative film raises public awareness and deepens our understanding, while also setting the stage for a shift towards ending this insidious health epidemic.
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Danna: What did you find to be the most surprising thing you learned during the making of this Hashimoto’s thyroid movie?

I found so many “surprising things” while making this thyroid movie and unraveling my Hashimoto’s affair, but here are a few that STAND out to me:

Walk-Talk-Dance-Sing-The-Little-Hashimotos-Thyroid-Movie1.)  The silencing around this epidemic is very real and runs deep.  My own relatives, many dealing with thyroid issues themselves, have kept silent through all of my advocacy, and despite all the suffering that is happening all around us. Their “tie in” to out-dated beliefs about our medical system is very tight, and their reluctance to move “outside the box” is very evident. I understand their fear, but I am completely baffled by their resistance in light of so much on-going suffering. This lack of encouragement, coming from some of these sources, made it more challenging for me to “speak up.” I really had to sort through some issues of my own, before I could completely dive in and “allow myself” to tell this story –without injecting censorship for the sake of supporting the fearful notions of others, and avoiding potential push back.  

2.)  There was a shockingly similar story coming from all the speakers in the film: bombardment of symptoms, lack of understanding, little support, confusing/ineffective information from practitioners, sense of frustration due to little forward motion, loneliness, and mostly, victimization.

I hope everyone can use this “shutting down dis-ease” as a wake-up call to finding whatever it is that frees their creative energetic life-force.

creativity-courage3.)  Creativity and passion really do sustain us. While there were times I thought I could not complete this thyroid movie (the drain on me physically and emotionally was more than I had anticipated). I was surprised by the resiliency and reserves I tapped into while in the messy fun and stimulating play of the creative process.  I know that “Mr. Hashimoto”, like all past relationships, has taught me a great deal and eventually led me to discover a passion for storytelling through the film medium.

It is an ironic twist that this little film that addresses “speaking up and authenticating oneself” would ultimately lead me to discovering my passion for filmmaking!  I never thought I would say this but Mr. Ha has truly been a gift to me.

(Click HERE to watch Walk Talk Dance Sing! thyroid movie)
I hope everyone can use this “shutting down dis-ease” as a wake-up call to finding whatever it is that frees their creative energetic life-force.  As Anne says in the film, “When you are filling yourself out THAT MUCH, there is no room for the dis-ease.”
 I am definitely surprised by the response to this little thyroid movie. It is very satisfying to know that people feel renewed hope, and that there is a general consensus that the shift towards wellness is the responsibility of each of us. To quote my narration in the film:

 …even a tiny bit of unraveling will go a long way, ensuring rich colorful enlivening paths for ourselves and our loved ones, here and yet to arrive.

Donna-Lynne-LarsonThis film is for everyone, and we want everyone to see it, and to continue to get the film’s message out there! Follow Donna-Lynne at her Facebook page. Her new and improved website is COMING SOON!
(Click HERE to watch Walk Talk Dance Sing!)

 or anything to ask Donna-Lynne about the making of her thyroid movie? We want your thoughts in the comments section–Please! 

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