Tammy Marr, Thyroid Thrivers
Thyroid Nation

48 years young
Illinois, USA
Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroid
Diagnosed in 2015

Pain, Weight Problems, Brittle Hair And More

Cold. I’ve always been cold, especially my hands and feet. I’ve always had trouble with weight. I went through periods of being able to keep weight off and then no matter how little I ate, gaining and gaining. My thyroid tests were always negative and I was brought up to be tough, so I ignored most of the aches and pains, dry cracked feet and brittle hair. In the summer of 2015, I was having severe leg cramps, my GERD problems sky-rocketed to the point I thought I was having a heart attack on multiple occasions and I started having anxiety. I’m actually the “calm” one of my family. This anxiety thing was very new to me and scary. I got to the point I had to write everything down. I was so forgetful. I had a hard time explaining things at work and remembering what I was working on next.

My company had a screening for glucose, thyroid and other things. So, I signed up and my thyroid (TSH only) came back hypo. So, I went to see my GP. We did the antibody test and it was positive — I had Hashimoto’s. He prescribed Levothyroxine. This was the beginning of HELL for me.

I’d Had Enough

By December, I was on 75 mcg of Levothyroxine and I was in such a deep depression, I wasn’t sure what I was doing here on Earth. I had horrible anxiety attacks and driving to work was the worst thing I could do. I also developed pulsating tinnitus and fibromyalgia. After many trips to my doctor, the ER, counselor and psychiatrist, prescriptions of Lorazepam (among others), being told I was normal and my husband yelling at me to “just calm down” when I had an attack, I decided I had enough.

I had severe brain fog, almost debilitating anxiety, pain all over (especially my right shoulder), deep dark circles under my eyes. I was also exhausted, but unable to sleep. No doctor would listen to me. I tried every single one of them in the practice.

I started digging on the internet. I ordered books. I determined that I likely had adrenal fatigue and that I needed to change my diet and figure out how to lessen my stress. Then I started searching for a functional medicine doctor and found one and I made an appointment. By this time, my husband was on board with any changes I needed to make. I changed my sleeping habits and started the AIP diet. The diet was initially a fiasco. I didn’t ease into it, I just jumped in and almost drowned at first. But I figured out how to do things more simply.

I Found A Doctor Who Listened

When I arrived at my appointment, I could have cried. My new doctor actually listened and said, “You aren’t crazy.” We did many tests, yes I had adrenal fatigue, yes my reverse T3 was way high and my Free T3 low, vitamin D was low and iron was low. So, I was put on Nature-throid and liothyronine, some supplements for the adrenal fatigue, Chealted iron, vitamin D3/K2, vitamin C and later Holy Basil at night. I also joined some thyroid support groups online and got a less stressful job.

So, I am feeling better. I’m not completely there yet, but it’s better. I have good days and bad days. The good tends to outweigh the bad now. My weight loss is at a bit of a standstill right now, but my meds aren’t completely adjusted and I recently went through 2 months of high stress.

I’m still on the journey and it isn’t so daunting now.

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